Sadly a cyclist was killed on the MacArthur Causeway this morning.  As usual, the FDOT chooses to ignore the safety of pedestrians and cyclists during their construction projects. Friend of Transit Miami, Jennifer, has this to say about her morning bike commute on the MacArthur Causeway:

I am a bike commuter and I work downtown and live in South Beach. I have been taking the Macarthur home on my bike commute because it is faster than the Venetian, but after they redid the roads, they have cut off two areas of bike paths. The first is at the bottom of the bridge. At this point the road curves to the right and as I ride out into the traffic because there is no bike path, I am going into the traffic at a time cars have a hard time seeing me because it is around a corner. The second part of the road where I am forced to ride onto the road where people are driving over 65 mph, is at the new exit for the zoo. I feel as a bike commuter I am helping the environment by not polluting the air, but the city* does not support my own efforts by reconstructing the road so that I am forced into the traffic which will one day kill me like many people have been killed riding their bikes on the streets of Miami.

I think at this point it is fair to say, “ The FDOT needs to remove their head from their ass”.

It is clear that the Florida Department of Transportation does not consider the needs of cyclists and pedestrians at all. I wonder what type of infrastructure the FDOT will provide for cyclists and pedestrians once the $1 billion tunnel is built?  Will there be protected bicycle paths for cyclists and pedestrians while cars whiz by on a highway with a design speed of 65mph? I doubt it. The FDOT is completely negligent and they design with absolute impunity. They are a complete disgrace to the State of Florida.

*Just for clarification, the MacArthur Causeway is under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportation, not the City of Miami or the City of Miami Beach.

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6 Responses to MacArthur Causeway Quote of the Day

  1. Brandt says:

    Thanks for this post. It’s good to hear this from the point of view of someone who regularly uses this causeway for cycling. FDOT as well as all the other DOT’s of the US need to wake up and get on par with the ped/bike accomodations provided in countries like Chile and Spain.

    Chile -

    Spain -


  2. Guy says:

    When you need to use the traffic lane on a right curve stay in the left third of the lane. This way you will be viable to drivers of other vehicles for a greater distance.
    I feel your pain. During construction bicycle facilities are always the first thing removed and the last thing to be replaced.


  3. Guy says:

    Visible that is.


  4. Gab says:

    Hi, I’m new to cycling in Miami. Is there any petition or action that can be taken to tell the FDOT to keep riders/pedestrians as a priority?


  5. alesh says:

    FYI, the Miami Herald is reporting that both cyclists survived, though one of them is in critical condition. (And they called you out for reporting the fatality.)

    I have pictures of the scene on the blog.


  6. Felipe Azenha says:


    I was infomed by two people, who spoke to officers at the scene, that a cyclist had died. One of the officers was Miami Beach PD and the other was a Florida State Trooper.

    We also know that Medical Examiners Office confirmed that they had one death yesterday at Jackon, listed as “struck by a car”.

    The Miami Beach Homicide Detective was adamant that neither cyclist died.

    We really still don’t know if the cyclist died or not. No one can seem to give us a straight answer.

    Miami Beach PD won’t realease the accident report either.

    We need the names of the cyclists that were hit.


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