Well, it’s been a busy last couple of days with planning news…
  • Three bills proposing to give the Marlins a $60 million dollar subsidy to bridge the funding gap for the new stadium easily made it through the state Senate and House committees on Thursday. While the baseball fans in Miami-Dade and Marlin stakeholders should be excited by early popularity of the proposed bills with the state House and Senate, it appears Broward legislators have a bad case of sour grapes over the stadium location. Broward senators are leading the charge against the stadium funding because they’re upset the proposed stadium sites are not located in the suburbs near county line. Speaking of the stadium site, there still has been no settlement; however, it appears the Orange Bowl plan is unfortunately still gaining steam.
  • FDOT is planning on making major “improvements” to I-95 between Ft. Lauderdale and downtown Miami. The proposal calls for the replacing the current HOV lanes with two HOT lanes (High Occupancy Toll) in each direction. Newly installed computer sensors on the highway would measure traffic volume and average speed, which would allow the system to increase or decrease the toll fees in the HOT lanes based on how much congestion there is. Drivers wishing to use HOT lanes would use a prepaid toll card like the SunPass. I’ve never been much of a fan of these “Lexus Lanes”, but I’ll let Gabe elaborate on the issue as he is the resident transportation engineer of the group.
  • Miami-Dade Transit director Roosevelt Bradley was forced to resign last night. Apparently, Bradley is one of the first casualties of Mayor Alvarez’s new powers to hire and fire administrators at County Hall. According to the Herald, Bradley, who took over Miami-Dade Transit in 2002, was inefficient as a boss and oversaw massive deficits under his rule. We’ll keep posting any updates as soon as we hear who might be the next director.


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4 Responses to News and Updates

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe an expert can ellaborate on the value of value added toll lanes. What incentive is there to decrease traffic, if more money can be raised by higher tolls when traffic is higher? Tolls are quite elastic and people will pay a higher cost for their time. This is supposed to happen on 836 as well, so our roads will be slow moving unless you have the money to go around it. I would hope they begin building more mass transit before they begin reconfiguring the value added lanes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would rather see the new ballpark for the Marlins in downtown like where almost every other ballpark is located. Or have a metrorail stop within one block of the orange bowl to help with transit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just think of all the money spent redesigning I-95 to accomodate HOT lanes. Or rather, just think of all that money NOT spent updating and expanding our badly overloaded and aging Metrorail, that also badly needs expansion I might add.

  4. Adam says:

    I imagine that if the toll fee is somehow being divided by the amount of free space on the freeway at that time, the toll will approach a singularity during rush hour.

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