FDOT District 6 Secretary Gus Pego

Transit Miami friend, Craig Chester, sent the below letter to Gus Pego, the FDOT District 6 Secretary. We’ll keep you posted if Mr. Pego replies.

Dear Mr. Pego,

Sadly, it was another bloody week for cyclists in Miami. With numerous accidents around the city, especially in FDOT controlled areas including the MacArthur Causeway (where a cyclist was killed) and Brickell Avenue, our streets are as dangerous as ever for those choosing to walk or ride a bicycle. Miami is ranked the 3rd most dangerous city in the USA for cyclists and pedestrians. The #1 and #2 spots also go to Florida cities, Orlando and Tampa respectively. An embarrassment for the FDOT to be sure. As gas prices soar and more people choose alternative means of transportation to polluting and expensive gas-powered vehicles, the FDOT needs to stop flying into the headwind of reality, acknowledge the carnage on our streets and begin taking real, actionable steps to protect everyone and promote complete streets. The FDOT is embarrassingly behind many states in taking measures to protect cyclists and pedestrians. It’s time for your organization to show us real results before another cyclist is injured or killed.

Mr. Pego, would you want your wife or daughter navigating the treacherous design of Brickell Avenue on a bicycle? Or with a stroller? The obvious answer is no. Why should we tolerate it any longer?

There are discussions amongst the Brickell and cyclist communities to demonstrate and shut down the disastrous projects on Biscayne and Brickell Avenues for a day to draw attention to the negligence the FDOT is demonstrating in our city. It’s your responsibility to reach out to us and explain why we should not.

Please visit TransitMiami.com for a full report on all the incidents from this past week. An open letter to TransitMiami.com from you would be wise.


Craig Chester
Miami, FL

We think Mr. Pego owes District 6  residents a reply. We won’t accept a fluff response either.


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