All of the pedestrian crosswalk signals at the Brickell Avenue and SE 13th Street intersection are broken. It’s been a month. I’m not sure whom I need to speak to.

I first noticed that the crosswalks signals were out of order about a month ago. I decided to conduct an experiment to see how long it would take the County Public Works Department to fix the signals.

After witnessing a couple of scary close calls, I decide to end my experiment and dialed 311 to report the malfunction. It was just a matter of time before a car would hit a pedestrian. I was issued case # 1155595.  About two weeks have passed since I called 311 and the crosswalk signals still remain broken.

Pedestrian Frogger on Brickell Avenue February 24, 2011

This intersection happens to be the FDOT’s staging area for their autocentric resurfacing project that is currently underway.  During the course of the past two months the FDOT employees and contractors have swamped the Brickell area. In addition, the County Public Works Department has been noticeably present as well.

I’m not sure who deserves the blame, but I’m left questioning…

  • Was there a breakdown in communication between 311 and the County Public Works Department?
  • Has no one from the FDOT or the County Public Works Department noticed that the pedestrian crosswalk signals are not functioning?
  • Do my fellow citizens not know to call 311? If this is the case, the County is doing a poor job educating the public about 311.
  • Or do my fellow citizens call 311 and get no results like I did?

This is a MAJOR intersection with a tremendous amount of pedestrian traffic. There is absolutely no reason why these crosswalk signals should remain broken for 4 weeks, jeopardizing the lives of thousands of people every day. Yet all of us are relegated to playing pedestrian frogger with our own lives in an attempt to get across the street. We shouldn’t have to guess when it’s safe to cross this pedestrian-unfriendly intersection. This is not a video game; it’s an embarrassment. It’s really just a matter of time before someone gets hit here.

Pedestrian Frogger on Brickell Avenue March 10, 2011

It’s no wonder County Mayor Carlos Alverez’s job is on the line. If we can’t even get basic services like pedestrian crosswalk signals fixed in a timely manner, I can only imagine what else is broken in County government.

5 Responses to Pedestrian Crosswalk Signals on Brickell Avenue Broken. Four Weeks and Counting…

  1. Craig says:

    Shameful. Totally shameful. Again I ask…what more can we do and how many more close calls, accidents or deaths have to happen!!!!


  2. Robert Williams says:

    Thanks for bringing this problem to my attention. Investigating, I find that it was first brought to the attention of my staff on February 8. They immediately requested the traffic signal maintenance contractor working for the Florida Department of Transportation to fix this problem. Numerous reminders have been sent since. I will immediately follow up with FDOT and their contractor to find out why it has not been fixed.

    Robert Williams
    Miami-Dade Public Works


  3. Robert Williams says:

    I erred in my previous report when I mentioned the date of 2/8. Actually, the contractor was only notified of the problem on 2/24. That was immediately after it occured, I believe. It turns out that another contractor had seriously damaged numerous underground cables, knocking out the entire signalization. The signal contractor immediately performed emergency repairs to get the vehicle signals working and has been working on getting the pedestrian signals working since then. They currently estimate that the ped signals will be working by early next week.


  4. Felipe Azenha says:

    Thank you Mr. Williams.

    I’m almost certain I notified 311 on 2/24. I can assure you that the crosswalks were broken at least 10 days before I reported it. Regardless, it should not take this long for FDOT to make this repair, they were obviuosly well aware of the problem longer before I reported it.

    It has become very clear that pedetrians are not a FDOT priority. Very sad. Actually pathetic and shameful. Since FDOT is overseeing this project, they must be held accountable.


  5. Brody says:

    Thank you TM for bringing this up to the attention of 311!


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