A couple of days ago I wrote about the fact that for 33 days the FDOT ignored all the broken pedestrians crosswalk signals which they accidently disabled while performing work at the Brickell Avenue and SE 13th Street intersection. Yesterday Transit Miami reader Craig brought yet another FDOT induced pedestrian hazard to our attention:

I was just walking on Brickell and with the recent construction, another crosswalk has been closed. There is now no actual, legitimate crossing from 8th street all the way to 13th street. An area so far you could actually take a bus from one stop to another and not pass a crosswalk.

Watching people cross with strollers is especially scary. The green turn arrows are like invitations to speed through a crosswalk. SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET KILLED.”

Sidewalk Closed? Where and how does the FDOT expect pedestrians to cross Brickell Avenue?

It is evident that FDOT did not consider the needs of pedestrians during the planning phase of this resurfacing project. They have closed the 10th Street crosswalk to pedestrians and have not provided a detour or temporary crosswalk for pedestrians to cross Brickell Avenue safely. Cars are still allowed to cross Brickell Avenue at 10th street, but people aren’t.

The 8th Street and 13th Street crosswalks are about 3/10 a mile apart. Does the FDOT actually expect people to walk a ¼ mile just to get to the other side of the street? A 1/4 mile is an unrealistic distance to expect people to walk just to cross the street.  It’s either wishful thinking on their part or they just don’t give a crap. After observing all of the FDOT’s pedestrian shenanigans this past month, I’m more inclined to think they don’t care about the welfare of pedestrians.

Looks like pedestrians will continue to cross at 10th Street, but they are now forced to cross in a precarious environment.

If these pedestrian reindeer games continue for the next 12 months during this resurfacing project, someone will end up seriously injured or dead. It’s really just a matter of time. Very sad.

Note to the FDOT:  You are not in the suburbs; you are in an urban environment with a very high population density. You must be sensitive to the needs of pedestrians, not just cars.


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One Response to The FDOT Resurfacing Project on Brickell Avenue Dangerous for Pedestrians

  1. Eddy Stevens-Torrealba says:

    There is a lot of this going on around town lately. There is a similar situation in my neighborhood with the added engineering marvel of merging two left turn lanes into one single lane as you turn at the intersection.

    I called 311, which sent me to Public Works, which sent me to the Water & Sewer department (the ones in charge of the work) and since it wasn’t an “emergency” I got sent to a voicemail. Never heard back from anyone.

    Nothing gets done until there is a tragedy, as usual.

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