• CITT will reconsider whether to vote for new Metrorail cars (Miami Today News)
  • Anti-Miami 21 Commissioner Regalado announces candidacy for Mayor (Miami Sunpost)
  • Metrorail controversy over “ghost posts” (Miami Herald)
  • Cyclist win the right to sue FDOT for failing to implement bike lanes (Bike Blog)

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3 Responses to Tuesday News

  1. Dave says:

    Not so sure I like the idea of street level office space in the Grove. It sure beats the boarded up store fronts that are so popular in the Grove these days but on the other hand offices usually close at 5 PM and have no activity after that.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Mayfair has been empty for sometime. I used to enjoy shopping in the Grove now there are so few stores that I even care to go to.
    On the bright side there is a book store on Virginia now, and while it’s small it does have a good cafe and character.
    Maybe if the Coconut Grove Business District gave tax breaks to local independent businesses, more business would thrive.


  3. Adam says:

    It seems to me like street level office space is going to help only the developers and building owners who are charging above-market rates for their storefronts. The problem is that the spaces are too expensive to be worth renting for retail. This will just keep them expensive.


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