Its official folks, Miami has officially been ranked the 3rd most dangerous city in the country for pedestrians. Dangerous by Design, a report produced jointly by the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership and Transportation for America has concluded that:

The Miami metropolitan area is one of the nation’s most dangerous for pedestrians because the roads here generally have been designed to speed up — not slow down – traffic”.

Although the blame needs to be shared with the County Public Works Department (i.e. broken pedestrian signals), FDOT deserves an honorable mention for this shameful award. If they keep designing roadways, crosswalks and bike lanes like the recently completed Coral Way resurfacing project, Miami should be able to clinch #1 spot in a few years. This is pathetic at best and should be of no surprise to anyone.

You can find the full report here.

8 Responses to We’re # 3!

  1. AA says:

    Yea! Florida takes the top 4 spots in competition! I would forward to FDOT and congratulate them on their work. Be sure to Cc the governor politicians love to be on top.


  2. Camilo says:

    Pretty soon we’ll be able to do 100mph on the way from our suburb 20 miles away from where we work, and then spend two hours in traffic when we get close! Whee 100mph! :)


  3. Ry says:

    forward FDOT the Miami Herald news about two fatal hit-and-run accidents in the past 5 days also


  4. RG says:

    The title of the study, “Dangerous By Design”, is very appropriate. Us humans are not naturally rude, aggressive, stressed out drivers full of road rage - it is the system that turns us into that. Being enclosed in cars on multi-lane highways does not encourage us to treat each other with decency. When you can’t see the guy’s face whom you are cutting off, there is no harm done.
    The only justice to me is that those people who designed such horrible cities are also forced to live in them and deal with the disaster they created. I sure hope some FDOT folks sit on interminable I95 or 826 traffic every day on their way from their burb to their cube.


  5. Prem says:

    I probably wouldn’t mind sitting in traffic if the County or City paid for my vehicle and gas. I’d be waiting on borrowed time.

    It’s really sad to hear about three bike fatalities in the last two weeks, and only TWO of them have been reported in the herald.


  6. Adam says:

    hahaha! go Florida!


  7. Seriously. Couple this with another recent list which places Miami #1 in Attractiveness, yet #29 (bottom) in Intelligence, and we start to see how these things happened. I mean, as ultimate proof of it all, I think I need only say three words: Golden Glades Interchange.


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