We have some good news to report.  The cyclist that was hit  by a car yesterday morning on the MacArthur Causeway survived, but unfortunately he remains in extremely serious condition. A second cyclist was also struck; she was taken to the hospital and then released.

Details are slowly emerging, but the cyclists were not related and traveling east in the “bike lane”. (I’ll use the term “bike lane” loosely as this section of the road is used as a shoulder, temporary parking for tourists to take pictures, as well as parking for a decoy MBPD cruiser).  The cyclists were both rear-ended when the vehicle entered the bike lane.

We are very glad to hear the cyclist survived and hope for his speedy recovery. Unfortunately, the existing conditions on the MacArthur Causeway are not favorable for cycling and accidents like this one are certain to happen again. This is the second serious accident in recent memory.  Some may recall that 11 cyclist were struck on the MacArthur Causeway about 2 ½ years ago; they were also rear-ended.

Believe it or not, but the FDOT has designated the MacArthur Causeway a bicycle route. Yep, you read that correctly.  The FDOT actually thinks it’s safe to put a bike route adjacent to a 3 lane highway while cars whiz by in excess of 70 mph! Do you think the FDOT District 6 Secretary Gus Pego would want his child to ride a bicycle along a designated bike route with cars speeding by?  The answer is absolutely not.  So why is the FDOT actually encouraging cycling on a highway that isn’t safe?

The $1 billion FDOT port tunnel project is already underway. The scope of this project includes a 1-lane expansion in each direction; this is the last thing we need. How about a little traffic calming?  Instead of adding a 4th lane of traffic, the fill from the tunnel excavation should instead be used to accommodate a Metrorail expansion or Baylink. Building more road capacity certainly isn’t going to relieve congestion; having transit options will. For $1 billion dollars do we get a protected bike lane?  My guess is no.  If not, the FDOT will be in a world of Transit Miami pain. On what planet is it safe to put a designated bike route next to a highway with a design speed of 65+ mph?  I really think the FDOT lives in a bubble world, unaccountable to no one but their questionable engineering standards.

Transit Miami and the South Florida Bike Coalition will be following this story very closely. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We were told by the Miami Beach Police Department it could take up to 30 days to get a copy of the accident report.

*I initially reported a cyclist was killed due to information I received from sources that had spoken to police on the scene which confirmed a cyclist was killed. My guess is that the police may have incorrectly assumed that the cyclist died due to the injuries the cyclist sustained. I apologize to the injured cyclist, his family and to our readers for not providing accurate information. We here at Transit Miami pride ourselves in reporting the facts.


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54 Responses to Cyclist Survives MacArthur Causeway Crash; Remains in Extremely Serious Condition

  1. Every causeway out of Miami Beach is like that. Now Venetian Causeway is under construction and it has a disclaimer that you assume responsibility for riding or walking. The construction itself has been going on for many months, and one wonders if they have the least concern for safety.

  2. Rena says:

    Can someone tell me if there are any signs or disclaimers on the Macarthur Causeway stating that you assume responsiblity for walking or riding?

  3. Felipe Azenha says:

    there are none-

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