8 Responses to Republican Legislature to Scott: HSR Money is Not Yours To Reject

  1. Rick says:

    Your move, Governor.


  2. LauderdaleTom says:

    Agreed. Your move, Lex Luthor.


  3. Oslo says:

    This was the feel good story of the day.


  4. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    And, this is how we can absolutely know that all these so-called austerity measures are not about really getting our financial house in order. It is primarily about nixing programs that are perceived to be “socialist” in nature. Public transportation in general, and inter-city rail in particular, have always been viewed by our more Conservative, American citizens as being a socialist, European “thing”. Highway building, however, is not (as funding isn’t being curtailed in that category).


  5. JW says:

    Eat it Scott.


  6. kevin says:

    What now Scott? Thank you senators!


  7. Mustafa says:

    @Rog in Miami Gardens

    Anyone against socialized services and institutions need to realize a few things. Roads, Public Schools, Libraries, Sidewalks, Police, Fire Fighters, Social Security, Medicade, Political Figures etc. etc. ALL of which are socialized.

    So if they have such a big issue with socialized programs/services/institutions they need not use any of the above mentioned things.


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