Shopping for transit via the Infrastructurist

Shopping for transit via the Infrastructurist


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2 Responses to Shopping for Transit

  1. [...] Transit Miami reminds us all of a post from the Infrastructurist back in May with a nice comparative chart of transit costs by mode, with references to specific projects. [...]

  2. Anonymous says:

    While nice this graph doesn’t show the effectiveness each form of transit has on the surrounding neighborhoods, or their likelyhood of using it. I have always felt that for whatever reason, bus (or BRT) will never catch on with most of the general populace the way rail always has (relatevely speaking). Maybe it’s because rail is seen as sexier or less common. Or maybe it’s because everyone knows that rail always get ROW whereas (in their experience) buses don’t always. Have you ever seen a metrorail in a traffc jam? Most in Miami can’t drive more than an hour without seeing metrobus’es stuck in the same traffic that they are mired in. For better of worse that sticks in their minds subliminally. I feel that transit money will always get more bank for its buck by building rail, be it light or heavy.

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