Do you love the Everglades? If so, then come to a meeting tonight.

Miami Dade Expressway Authority plans to use money from existing toll roads to expand SR 836 toward Krome Avenue and south to Tamiami Airport. This puts the Everglades and the natural and agricultural buffer lands in great peril. Imagine it’s the 1950s and the Palmetto Expressway is on the drawing board. The Palmetto is built in 1961 and almost immediately the land around it is converted from farm and woodland to development. SR 836 expansion is our generation’s Palmetto. If the UDB is a development fire suppressor, this highway is an accelerant.

We need buffer lands to protect and restore the natural Everglades. Come to the meeting tonight if you can. Express your concerns about the highway.

Whether you can make it or not, stay engaged. Send us an email, give us your phone number, volunteer your help.

You are the Everglades Protector.



This 5-year plan includes SR 836 Dolphin Expressway expansion.

Where: MDX Headquarters, Lehmann Building, 3790 NW 21st Street Miami, Florida 33142

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 24

Time: 6-8 PM

For more information, contact Jon Ullman at or 305-860-9888

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2 Responses to Action Alert: MDX Expansion Plan Review

  1. Robert says:

    MDX is just another developer seeking a way to make a quick buck. What are the transportation benefits of such a corridor to the region? How can these benefits be weighed against the protection of a fragile ecosystem such as the Everglades? Why doesn’t MDX focus other endeavors to make a profit? Surely, the transportation planners working there must realize that they must abide by a code of ethics which protects the public interest. Our public interest is the protection of the natural environment. Since the Urban Development Boundary and the Everglades are important to the region and nation, it is important that decision makers hear the testimony from citizens other than those living and working in that sector. It is a big big issue. MDX, please focus your attention to the eastern side of the County, where transportation alternatives are needed most.


  2. Kevin says:

    What progressive city is building highways anymore? MDX is so backwards. We need Metro expansions, not more highways to bring more suburban sprawl. Oy vey.


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