The new tolls on the 836 will be opening up soon (July 1) along with the new MDX 3 mile west extension of the highway. You can read all about it here. But, once again, the comments section of this article is where we’ll find some of the finest examples of the Miami Mentality:
“Nothing but a scam, to steal your money anyway they can. Things are just going to get worse and the traffic that will be backed up at that toll plaza in the morning will be a nightmare for the commuters. This county and it’s politcians who permitted this to go thru are nothing but a bunch of scoundrels, and thiefs. THIS COUNTY SUCKS !! I will definitely try to find a way around this toll and not pay them a single red cent. MDX = CROOKS” -A Commuter

“What ever happened to the extensions they were going to build down to kendall and homestead? We voted for the 1/2 penny tax, they took our money to build toll plazas in order to take more money from us! This is nothing new in Miami, they’re simple lining their pockets as usual.
Anyone that does not vote for the property tax cut in January will only continue feeding money to these crooks!” -Mike

“Your 1/2 penny tax is going to a stupid “Move it Yes you can!” public awareness campaign. How about giving us some toll relief instead? Or building the FIU metrorail route? We need to repeal that 1/2 penny tax now!” -Ollie

“What about the taxes we all pay hidden in every gal. of gas? Do the people know the goberment is selling every bridge, roads to China, Chavez and Arabes countries to any one with money. That’s why we have to pay tolls. e” -Pedro

It’s amazing to see how many people blatantly do not understand where the money from the 1/2 penny sales tax goes. MDX is a separate entity from MDT (which it shouldn’t be) and was operating a system of toll roads where only 28% of users were paying for 100% of the tolls. There were some comments calling for the expansion of metrorail, but with representatives like Zapata leading the Sweetwater community against those efforts as well, any reasonable plan to alleviate the problem seems impossible…


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4 Responses to Miami Mentality: Ignorance

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ

    People are so good at complaining.
    If the government actually taxed vehicle drivers what it should, driving would be far more expensive than what it actually is right now, and maybe then US would reconsider its love affair with the automobile and would start rethinking our way of live

    even though better things could be done with the half penny sales tax, it’s not nearly enough to build all the roads/transit or whatever miami needs. it’s meant to help.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This may be a blessing in disguise. It may just further entice people to move downtown and out of the suburbs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree anon2 people will be inclined to save money and move closer to their jobs (downtown or by the airport). We’ll see if it eventually helps. It does seem that the MDX just wants to add tolls all over their roadways. There should be a limit to new tolls. In the neighborhood I used to live in we fought the MDX from putting a toll booth at Killian Pkwy as there was a toll booth at the Turnpike one exit down. MDT should get some of the toll money as well, if the MDX only will be using that money collected from tolls to maintain their road system or build new tolls than some of the money could go to building alternate transit.

  4. says:

    I know where the 1/2 cent hasn’t gone. Hint —- > Public Transportation!

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