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Friends, many of you supported Miami 21, a new zoning code for the City of Miami that, among many advantages, improves transitions between high and low-density areas.  The City Commission happily approved Miami 21 by a vote of 4 to 1.
However, this Thursday, December 17, the Mayor is forcing the City Commission to consider an ordinance to delay the effectiveness of Miami 21 for three months, from February to May.  The item is not assigned a specific time, and is on the supplemental agenda (not fully advertised to the public):
This delay is a slippery slope.  What Miami 21 needs is to become effective, and  implemented as the far smarter framework than existing zoning, and reviewed over time to find any glitches.
Please speak against this delay, or email your elected public servants: and,,  The two other Commission seats are vacant due to criminal investigations.  Please forward this email to any who might care.


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6 Responses to Miami 21 Under Attack By New Mayor

  1. I was wondering how long it would be before Regalado decided to attack Miami 21…

  2. Mrs. Slow Bike Miami says:

    Surprise, surprise.
    Why is this City so perpetually backwards?

  3. I hate Regalado says:

    Tomas Regalado is the most retarded mayor to ever hit Miami. The man is so backwards and inept honestly. Can we PLEASE have Manny Diaz back? Manny had inspiration and goals, Regalado is so backwards and a lame duck.

  4. Richard R-P says:

    I disagree with Mrs. Slow Bike Miami. As far as I know, no other city in the US is considering the types of sweeping changes that Miami 21 would usher in. I feel sorry for Miami, as it has so many residents eager to disparage it.

    That said, this is just the first of many backward steps that Miami will experience under Regalado. I’m sorry, but this is what happens when a dinosaur is elected to lead.

  5. @Richard - Denver also has a form-based code either on the verge of being implemented or already so (Google fu failing me now), so it’s not the only one. Under Diaz the city did take a few really awesome steps forward, but the reality is that in general, Miami is perpetually backwards, with Regalado’s actions being another example. It’s hard to not be a cynic down here. When the political leadership of Miami and its umpteenth micro-cities all decide to be progressive and truly think ahead of the next election, then maybe the residents will begin to think in far more positive terms.

  6. William Kohen says:

    Maurice Ferrer has been the best mayor Miami has ever had.Maurice Ferrer did not take money away from afterschool programs at Miami city Parks and bury it in traffic circles.We are saving money on a parking garage to waste the money on what?

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