Plans are underway across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties to bring automated Red-Light runner camera’s to some local roadways. Due to a state refusal to adopt the cameras, you won’t find them on state maintained roads such as Le Jeune, US-1, or Pines Boulevard.
“A growing body of unbiased research shows that red-light-running accidents and injuries will decrease at intersections with automated enforcement.

But those same studies find an overall increase in accidents, especially rear-end collisions as drivers, suddenly wary of the cameras, slam on the brakes as they approach a yellow or red light.”

Frankly, we’d like to see more evidence that the cameras work or don’t work before we begin to install these systems across the region. What do you think of the cameras? Leave us a comment and take our poll over on the left sidebar… We’ll follow up this post with our thoughts on the subject later on this week…

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8 Responses to Red-Light Camera Poll

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the camera’s are a good idea. They seem to decrease the number of T-bone crunches, and decrease red light running, and generate income for the city. The flip side I’ve heard is that they increase the number of rear end collisions. Now, rear end collisions usually involve less severe injuries than T-bone collisions. And to be honest, if you run into the back of someone it is your fault, you were travelling too fast or close to the person in front. I can’t believe that people objections to camera’s seem to be that they might make me run into the guy in front. I mean, who could of even forseen that the car in front might stop at a traffic light junction?


  2. C.L. Jahn says:

    I think the camera is a necessity. As for the argument against them based on a report that rear-end collisions increase; I’d rather ticket those rotten drivers for rear-ending a stopped car than pry their broad-side victims out of their cars.
    The argument REALLY boils down to “it’s safer to run red lights than to charge people who are running them,” and I don’t buy that argument for a second.
    Red light means STOP. And if people DON’T stop, they should pay the price. And if the light-runners BEHIND them don’t stop, they can get ticketed for their bad driving.


  3. Dave says:

    The most important fact is that they cannot issue tickets to people that they do catch running the lights (the state saw to that by banning the practice). Cities are still looking into what they can do but it looks like there wont be any actual enforcement “teeth” behind the cameras.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Red lights in Miami are run if no ones gone yet or if no ones around. Miami drivers are awful, the laws are not enforced by police. So automating the tickets make it much easier to enforce since police don’t. I don’t appreciate more cameras, I don’t like the idea of hundreds of cameras downtown either.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhh.. the terror of speed camaras, try to drive in the UK with the stupid curvey roads, camaras on every down hill slope and huge fines and then tell me that they are a good idea.


  6. JHop says:

    I think the red-light cameras are a terrible idea — motivated by revenue concerns and not careful study.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I think the only valid purpose of red light cameras is that they generate revenue for the city or local municipality and the company that sponsors them.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Is not the case of hitting or getting hit in the rear of your car. If you are going 35 or 40 miles and yellow light suddenly lites up, you will most likely stop car after the white lane, that is a ticket.
    Camera take photos but they don’t know as to why you had to stop after the white lane, they are not that smart yet. Many people are going to be fined without a reason and nothing you can do but pay $150.00. I think this is an idea to make money, they don’t care about anything else but money. And I am a safe driver, no accident and no tickets at all, driving for over 60 years.
    Some times you have no other alternative but run the light, and again camera dont know WHY you did it. Another $150.00 is al they care about. Sucks.


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