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I was scanning through images on Flickr, when I came across the Tram which transports visitors to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I couldn’t help imagine what Miami’s Museum Park would look like if our planners would integrate the existing (currently closed) metromover station with the upcoming structures. Unlike the Getty’s mover, ours would connect the museums directly to the public transportation system rather than a parking lot at the bottom of the mountain. Do our Museum planners have this type of foresight? Or will metromover users disembark in an unsightly and inhospitable delivery bay?

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To Learn More about the Getty’s Tram, Click Here

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3 Responses to Transitography 51: Museum Transit

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Getty is amazing. It is on top of a large hill. You park at the bottom and take the tram up to the museum. I believe that even if the city had unlimited funds they would not create a museum as glorious as the Getty.
    Even though the view could be spectacular from Bicentennial Park.
    I agree that the use of the Metro-Mover would be ideal for adding an urban element to museum park, while allowing most of the park to remain car-free. A lot of people hate the metro-mover but I think it’s a great system, maybe a little slow but it is one of the best ways to see downtown and I recommend it to anyone that has an hour to ride around the system.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Do we know who is responsible for this aspect of Museum Park? MDT? How can we get involved?


  3. Anonymous says:

    The Getty might have the largest endowment of any museum in the world. Billions available.

    Miami Art Museum and Miami Science Museum are both broke. Neither has an endowment. Neither have any significant donors and both are trying to get out of commitments to raise money privately. These are disasters unfolding as we watch.


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