10 Responses to Pic O’ the Day: Airport Link is Coming

  1. Kyle says:

    I’m excited for the Orange Line, but I hate how MDT never has cohesive marketing and signage. I’ve seen multiple different “official” Metrorail maps and they’re all different. The same can be said about all the different Metromover maps. MDT needs to get its logos, maps and marketing on board.

    Can MDT please decide on a map, make it easy to read, and stick to it? Let’s try and create a solid brand here that’s going to get Miamians onto the Metro. Every other city can do it, so can we.


  2. Anonymous says:

    MDT definitely doesn’t know how to do marketing… totally confusing is all the different bus services they have, like:
    - regular numbered buses
    - locals
    - MAXs
    - circulators
    - connections
    - the 95 Express
    - shuttles
    - limiteds
    - the Kendall Cruiser
    - Midnight Owl
    - flyers

    Signage, maps branding, it’s all a big mess and keeps getting worse over time. Things really went downhill when the green and blue “M” was banished and replaced with the county logo which is really irrelevant to transit service.


  3. Carlos says:

    Finally! At least we are getting something for our 1/2 penny sales tax. Yeah, the sign is confusing, but that can be changed with minimal hassel. Let’s just “get her done”.


  4. C says:

    The airport link, by rocketing the amount of tourists who use it, will really put in the spotlight its beach related shortcomings, and that’s a good thing. It may start a big push for some kind of baylink. And this time it will be the economy talking (tourists), not just whiny locals, which can only help its odds.

    btw this is already a month behind schedule, however the april 31 date was never set in stone, just the goal.


  5. Mike Moskos says:

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while: does anyone know why they decided to put the separate line between the airport and the MIC rather than taking the Metrorail directly into the airport with a stop at the MIC? Was it just cost? Seems like having to change trains to go from the airport to get to Metrorail is somewhat inconvenient, especially if another line transfer will eventually needed to get to the Port or Sobe.

    When this line opens, it will be a great day for transit here in Miami.


  6. Henry Flagler says:

    They said the cost was excessive and instead chose to spend *only* $200 million on the silly tram. So close yet so far away.


  7. Anonymous says:

    The mover was necessary to have a shuttle-type service every few minutes 24/7 between the airport and the MIC… having only the Metrorail running every 15-30 minutes for most of the day and closed overnight would have been more inconvenient to get from the terminal to the MIC.
    Watch this video of what the county is planning for the east side of the MIC… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NXJa2kuIx4 It could be a great destination if anything like that gets built.


  8. Henry Flagler says:

    That doesn’t make any sense. People have to wait at the train station to get to the shuttle in the first place. It actually lengthens the trip to the airport (which could be direct). The only beneficiaries of the crappy shuttle are the schleps who have to use the parking garage.

    If what is in the video never gets built we will all be lucky. It looks like a glorified office park. Creating good urbanism is not that difficult guys, and what is in this video does not even resemble good urbanism.

    Oh, but i forgot - we are in Miami.


  9. BCG says:

    At least they had bike lanes in the video.


  10. Tony Garcia says:

    Bike lanes are not a once-size-fits-all solution. In an urban context (or when trying to create an urban context), we don’t push bike lanes as much as other treatments because it leads to extra wide streets that are not traffic calmed. Bike lanes are more appropriate for suburban conditions where you can start to take back street space from the car. But if you are starting from scratch (as in the case of this plan) you can design more urban bicycle facilities that do not lead to overly wide streets.


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