“Our leaders must change their way of thinking on transit planning and set as their goal the total connectivity of the system, so that more people leave their cars parked and get to places on time and without too many transfers.

The suspension of more than $182 million is a wake-up call. It’s time to explore whether it would be better for the MDT director to be elected by the voters than appointed by politicians.”

        -Daniel Shoer Roth, elNuevoHerald columnist, on transit planning in Miami-Dade County

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  1. M says:

    I do agree that we should change our thinking on transit planning and obtain better connectivity, but I don’t agree with Daniel Shoer Roth that the MDT director should be elected by voters. I don’t know that most voters educate themselves enough on issues and candidates to made a good decision. I would rather see an independent agency take over transit similar to the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. As we all know, that agency has been very successful and efficient in upgrading our freeways and is planning for more. Imagine a Miami-Dade Transit Authority doing the same thing.


  2. Tony Garcia says:

    I have to disagree with you M. I am a firm believer that an elected professional transportation authority executive is exactly what is needed, much as a School Board Superintendant (who is not elected but appointed) or the Property Appraiser. This position would place responsibility in the hands of one administrator who is responsible for setting a County-wide vision for transportation - and answerable to the entire electorate for wise and balanced transportation decisions. That way, local commissioners and elected officials can adovocate for worthy projects, rather than the parochialism that has overcome commission transit politics.

    An independant agency like MDX? You’ve mentioned it several times here on TM, and while I think it has merit (so long as the agency is geared toward multmodal transportation and not just highways) I think it lacks the accountability that a single elected official would have. In addition, there is nothing to say that there is not a governing board as well as an elected Director/Executive.


  3. Eddie Suarez says:

    MDX? There only task seems to be how many quarter tolls can we collect. Those toll gantries are going up every mile! I pay 25 cents a minute when traveling on the 878 from 72ave to the turnpike. That’s more than a 976 number!


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