It’s good to see the city of Miami, take a giant step forward to help those who need it most by creating a housing assitance program. This is a win-win situation for all South Florida residents. It begins to address the housing situation for lower-wage workers by providing them assistance in purchasing a home or condominium with-in the city of Miami limits. This is intelligent growth, seeing that we need to begin to densify our city in order to accommodate future projected growth. It provides the city with a great way to revitalize neighborhoods with working class citizens. It will also hopefully lead to a greater city wide use of Mass Transportation, seeing their close proximity with the City jobs located in the CBD. We here at Miami Transit, argue that we need to see more affordable housing units rise in the areas that need it most; however, it needs to be done properly. We are seeing too many condo conversions and not enough rental units available for those who need it the most. Through smart Urban renewal, Miami will continue to grow and adapt to the needs of every citizen and will be able to accommodate much more growth in the future…


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