The Miami Herald finally caught up with Brad Knoefler’s Park West/Overtown greenway plan. The article explains the red tape facing Knoefler and his newly anointed Guerilla Urban Planner group. While the general plans are nothing but excellent for the area, figuring out funding, ownership, and maintenance has proven to be a tricky endeavor.

And while some critics  agree that the tracks need to be cleaned up, some have expressed concern that it should be done for a Tri-Rail system that actually connects South Florida’s urban centers. To that I say, there is no reason the supposed Rail-to-Trail project couldn’t become a Rail and Trail project where the rails remain, but the path remains alongside the 100 foot right-of-way. Indeed, I believe that is the way it has been designed, as the FEC tracks are still to be used once a year for the circus.

Please do your part and voice support for this important project. Brad and co. have a lot of energy, but they need as much support as they can get in order to make this a reality!


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4 Responses to Guerilla Urban Planners Battle Red Tape

  1. JM Palacios says:

    I mentioned some time back to the Project Manager for the FEC corridor study that they needed to consider a multi-use path parallel to the tracks, and he told me they’re already considering it. Since he is a bicyclist and has even commuted to work by bicycle for a while, I trust him to get it done. If this development gets it done sooner it won’t hurt, though.

  2. Mike Lydon says:

    Indeed, the whole project will have to be done in phases. However, getting it done is very important. It would provide such a fantastic north-south commuting and recreational corridor, improving access to some of Miami’s more underserved neighborhoods.

    Many are confident that a solution will be reached on this one. As Sarnoff said, it really is a homerun of a project.

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