Today, we switch gears (pun, you decide) over to I-95. The above photograph was found on a forum which I frequent and was originally posted/hosted by FTLBeachBum. The image was taken sometime in the 60′s, evidenced by the construction of the disastrous I-95 project occurring at the top of the frame. As you all may already know, I-95 was constructed haphazardly in the mid 1960′s as the first main North-South arterial. It was built to relieve congestion on Biscayne Boulevard and the few other streets which offered N-S routes. In its construction, I-95 destroyed the overtown community, displacing thousands of African-American residents and physically dividing a community. The effects of the highway on the planning in our city are still being felt today. Many things have changed since this picture was taken; the Library for example is no longer found in Bayfront Park, Surface Parking lots no longer comprise such a great proportion of our downtown land use, and apartments no longer sit above the neglected Miami Circle along the South Bank of the River…

The upcoming posts will focus on the latest proposals to enhance the traffic flow along the behemoth as well as the alternatives we can use to avoid the very congested highway…


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