Well, I went to the Miami-Dade Transit Planning meeting tonight, just as I had promised. The topic of discussion was the placement of the 87th avenue, 97th avenue, and 107th avenue stations along the east/west rail corridor slated to be operable 2014. 2014 + the usual Miami-Dade construction delays and cost over-runs means I should be seeing this train operating about the time I retire. I basically stayed mum throughout the 87th and 97th avenue discussions because the clearly wiser alternative would be placing the stations north of the Dolphin expressway due to the infinite possibilities and large tracts of land which could be developed for Transit Oriented Developments.

The 107th avenue station placement was the main reason I attended, to contest its retarded placement in between the Dolphin and International Malls. I proposed that two stations be developed, in conjunction with the respective malls in the expansive parking lots they both have. It would remove useless circulators to either mall and provide further space to encourage TOD. In exchange for re-alignment towards both malls, the free land for the stations should mitigate any additional costs incurred. It’s just a thought on how to make a better system where more citizens will be enticed to ride.

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