Very Cool. Thanks to Sam Van Leer, Executive Director of the Urban Paradise Guild for this cool photo of a Sandhill Crane on Virginia Key. He had this to say about the re-appearance of the bird (a first in an area heavily damaged by decades of environmental abuse):

The bird was  in an area that has been undergoing habitat restoration for years by members of the Historic Virginia Key Beach Trust’s Nature and Environment Committee. Urban Paradise joined that effort at the beginning of this year, performing hundreds of hours of Intensive Stewardship to remove and control Invasive Exotic Plants.

To me, the bird’s existence there is a statement of how, with some human TLC, nature can recover some of the ground it lost. It is a harbinger of Virginia Key’s future, and how the people (and economy) of Miami can benefit by recovering such lost treasures.

I agree Sam. Lets hope that the approved Virginia Key Masterplan recognizes the opportunity to restore a native habitat in an area so close to our urban core.


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2 Responses to New Visitor On Virginia Key

  1. Sandhills have been living at Crandon Park for many years now. A pretty large family of 4-5.

    Here’s one of the Crandon cranes

    I’m wondering if this crane in the picture is one of the crandon cranes or if a wild crane has migrated down here.

    I’m thinking it’s the former.

  2. TM says:

    These are beautiful birds. I use to see a lot north of Tampa in the farmfields that are now subdivisions. I’m glad to see them returning to south florida.

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