I present an unusual idea on behalf of the citizens of Miami-Dade County: a county-wide class action lawsuit against the developers who stole millions of dollars from all of us when promising to build low-income houses. That’s right, this crack squad more than qualifies to be today’s Maricones; they epitomize the weekly award to begin with. Sure, the developers are just a few of the bad eggs in the rotten Miami-Dade Housing Agency carton, but, they knowingly took advantage of a flawed system and left our neediest citizens out in the cold while they raked in millions either directly or through real-estate dealings.

The Miami-Dade real estate market is rough, heck, we’ve paid out millions and apparently we still couldn’t afford to get a house, let alone enough to give away at a discounted rate to thousands of underprivileged citizens. We’ve given a few politically connected developers they key to accessing millions of mismanaged public dollars, which, if history serves my memory correctly is no different than in years past. Now, I could go into detail on each project and their respective developer, but, I’ll leave the snooping around up to your own personal Google searches and Miami-Dade Property Record browsing. I did my own research and the results weren’t too pleasant, let alone information we would want to publicize about how inept the housing agency controllers really are.

It becomes apparent however, that we have a collective problem when it comes to managing money in this county. The agency has barely been able to build any houses to begin with, yet, they recently completed work on their new $5 Million office headquarters. Apparently they plan on doing some serious work to assist some of the 41,000 families currently lined up to receive some sort of financial aide for housing costs.

It’s because of situations such as this, that Miami fails to gain the positive recognition it could garner. It sickens me to see that so many people are willing and able to essentially steal from tax money earmarked for struggling families. Last time I checked, we didn’t need to create a welfare fund for developers, they should be doing just fine…

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