• Farecards are coming and we couldn’t be happier. MDT will spend $72 Million to finally upgrade the transit fare collection system, phasing out the cash only system for a new high-tech card. However, on the downside, MDT is also looking to increase fares to $2 among other things in order to improve the federal ratings of the proposed North and East/West expansions…
  • Man who tried to commit suicide by rail this morning is alive and well, even after he was run over by 3 rail cars…
  • Ana Mendez performs a mini experiment and finds that walking around downtown is easier than driving (duh!) I find it shocking how many Herald reporters don’t use transit regularly…
  • The CITT has reversed its original decision to refuse the funding for new metrorail cars. We can likely kiss one (maybe two) of the original proposed extensions goodbye…
  • Downtown Doral is rising…
  • Rumor has it that the state is working on an incentive program to bring a new Hispanic owned airline to MIA as well as a reincarnation of Eastern Airlines…
  • Here is another no-brainer: Rising Gas Prices Lead to Increase in Public Transportation

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4 Responses to News Briefs

  1. Kyle says:

    Why is the CITT decision on buying the new Metrorail cars, bad for the North and E/W lines?


  2. Ryan says:

    Wow Ana Menendez must be terribly out of shape or seriously skilled with hyperbole. I’ve been walking around at distances comparable to the one she walked for a long time and rarely come away “drenched in sweat” , and I’m a guy so I should sweat more. Just another excuse not to walk, voiced by someone who clearly does not walk. In fairness, however, it is important that shade trees proliferate around Miami to make it an even more pleasant experience to walk (especially during wet season).


  3. Anyoneofus says:

    It’s been extraordinarily wonderful weather, and downtown while it can be hot also tends to have nice breezes. I think if Herald reporters and others for that matter rode public transit, walked or use bikes they would find there are a lot more stories to be told. I’ve had amazing interactions with people on the metro-mover, some people have great stories and are just looking for someone to tell them too. But herald reporters aren’t the most story oriented writers, in fact the story usually takes back seat to hyperbole.
    I am looking forward to the dwntwn project providing more trees in the downtown area.


  4. Dave says:

    Not too fond of the fact that the money for the upgrade for the fare cards is coming from the half penny transit tax though.


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