The Coral Gables Gazette recently published a troubling article on a trolley study conducted by the University of Miami’s Industrial Engineering department. Troubling not because of the results of the study but because of how ridiculously logical the conclusions were. The simplicity can be summed up best by the CGG’s article title: New study: Trolley saves 712 parking space per day. You don’t say? Transit actually reduces the number of parking spaces needed in an urban area, what’s next, you’re going to suggest transit reduces congestion?

Engineering, calculates that the trolley saves the city 712 parking spaces a day and reduces the amount of vehicle traffic along the route by 1.2 million miles a year.

Gasp! Obviously we’re floored that this can still be considered newsworthy and is typically not common knowledge. Coral Gables commissioners are considering affixing a charge to ride the system which is currently free. Not all city commissioners appear to be happy with the success:

[Commissioner Ralph] Cabrera also reiterated past complaints that the trolley system had evolved from its original purpose as a downtown circulator into more of a connector between county mass transit systems.

Who cares as long as the system effectively reduces congestion in the Coral Gables Downtown Core? Since the city is unwilling to reduce the parking requirements for buildings to begin with, we might as well reduce the need for all the parking being built anyway. Although I agree MDT should do more to help the city transit service, axing the project would cause too many problems. At least someone sees the benefits brought forth by the system:

[Vice Mayor William] Kerdyk said that the independent study, which he points out that he didn’t even commission, should erase any doubts to the effectiveness and importance of the system although he wasn’t sure that questions regarding budgeting for the trolley system would go away as a result of the study.

3 Responses to Crazy New UM Study

  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem with local communities is that they really don’t make up their mind about the goals of certain projects.
    When city councils meet, it’s about changing and complaining instead of realizing that they have something good going and they can either improve it or leave it alone.

    (somehow I can no longer sign in w/out a blogger account)
    It’s Ines at miamism


  2. C.L. Jahn says:

    I’ve been using the trolley pretty frequently: it passes a block from my house, and a block from work. But since my car was stolen a few weeks ago, it has also allowed me to get to WholeFoods with relative ease (I’m on a restricted diet).

    I can’t say enough positive things about the trolley; it is a boon to the Gables, and I can’t imagine living here without it.


  3. Let them eat cake says:

    Ahh, Coral Gables where its about economic class and not a sense of community. Comm. Ralph always trying to screw the poor to make himself (barely upper-middle class himself) feel better. Did you know that the population of Coral Gables almost doubles during work-days. If they want to collect tax revenue from a downtown and suck business from City of Miami then they should be prepaired to provide services. Besides, how are all of the maids for the upper-middle class Coral Gables residents to get home? Sure the ones in Cocoplum/Gables Estates have live - in - quarters but the residents in the North and Central Gables are not rich enough to have keep full time around the clock live-in staff. How are they to get home on those poverty wages if they dont earn enough to keep a car?

    What about in Pinecrest the attempt to throw out the pleb County Fire-Rescue in favor of the elite Coral Gables Fire-EMT, another example of the greedy rich buying theseselves out of our society!

    Its all getting a bit too Latin American style for me. It will be interesting to see if it ends up like Cuba 1940s-60s.


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