Curb cuts are perhaps one of the most under recognized destroyers of good urban design. They completely mutilate the continuity of the pedestrian realm and endanger cyclists riding close to the curb or cars parked on the street. Curb cuts effectively subsidize parking and therefore increases driving demand. The next time you are taking a walk and you notice you seem to be undulating with the rise and fall of the sidewalk, blame the curb cuts. I challenge you to try and notice the effect curb cuts have around Miami-Dade…I think you might surprised.

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2 Responses to Pic o’ the Day: Curb Cuts

  1. transitDave says:

    Curb cuts are bad, and other obstacles such as signs, fire hydrants, overgrown trees, bushes,
    fences right up on on the edge of the sidewalks, etc also infringe on pedestrian rights of way…as one who takes a long walk every afternoon that I can, I really hate anything that obstructs pedestrian traffic…..
    Better designs with fewer curb cuts are the long term solution, but better code enforcement would
    be a good start…


  2. Mike Lydon says:

    While biking to work on SW Seventh Street I counted 164 curb cuts between 3rd and 25th Avenues. Unbelievable! Portions of the sidewalk look like waves…


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