It’s back!

After a 6-month hiatus from any noticeable construction activity, the site of Brickell’s “Triangle Park” (also known as Flatiron park) is abuzz with activity. Yesterday, a beautiful Kapok tree was planted and today’s picture shows more on the way. We reported on the suspended progress on the park back in February. Thankfully, all signs point to full-steam-ahead and Brickellans will soon be able to enjoy a centrally-located, public neighborhood oasis.

However, we’re still concerned about the lack of crosswalks or traffic calming adjacent to the site. Walking to a neighborhood park with your kids should not require dodging speeding hulks of motorized metal.

Curbed Miami has a solid assemblage of stories about the park from around the blogosphere.

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4 Responses to Pic O’ The Day - Brickell’s Triangle Park Rising

  1. BCG says:

    Nice, hope it’s done soon so I can lounge properly this summer.


  2. B says:

    Yep, and today I noticed that they finished the one in lower Brickell next to the church. “Grand Central Park,” however, looks desolate as ever:(


  3. This park is slated to be ‘temporary’ park for a few years while the developer awaits for a time to build something on it. However, I do know that local officials are working to turn it into a permanent fixture.


  4. LilPark says:

    Check out on Facebook, he has a whole album of photos of building this park, including a plan/layout.


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