This was the scene this afternoon on the corner of NE 56th Street and NE 2nd Avenue. The sidewalks on both sides of the streets were closed to pedestrians today. The CPWD has got to be effing kidding me right?  There is absolutely no consideration given to pedestrians here. Zero. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Nil. A complete embarrassment. The pictures speak for themselves.



This type of shoddy planning during CPWD projects seems to be par for the course. Transit Miami sources have informed us that the same half-assed effort is currently on display at the ongoing Coconut Grove/27th Avenue resurfacing project.

The pervasive anti-pedestrian/anti-cyclist culture at the CPWD needs to end. The time has come to  “Think Pedestrians and Bicycles”, not only cars.



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3 Responses to Another Lesson in Mediocrity by the County Public Works Department: Little Haiti

  1. Lauren says:

    I am the owner of a small business about a block from this corner and the construction has truly turned into a joke. They are currently a month and a half past the original estimate of how long it would take (and our sales have directly dropped off from when the construction started).

    A week ago they demolished our concrete front step which makes getting a wheelchair into our shop nearly impossible. It has still not been replaced and we get covered in dirt when we lift up our security gates in the morning. It is nearly impossible to keep the floor inside the shop clean.

    The “sidewalks” are loose dirt with huge rocks. I have seen customers trip and have been stabbed in the foot with a sharp rock myself.

    One customer got his rental car stuck over the newly-installed curb because there was no signage indicating that there was a two foot drop-off just beyond it. (This same curb was also installed incorrectly and had to be demolished and re-installed.)

    The worst part is, several days in a row will go by where NO ONE is working on anything in our section.

    There are more examples but as someone who works hard to keep their business viable it is incomprehensible to me that these contractors are allowed to keep their jobs and continue getting paid when they are clearly fumbling the ball left and right.

    I’m the opposite of a complain-y person by nature but apparently you get ignored unless you gripe about it.

    We applied for a grant that is supposed to be for businesses affected by the construction in our corridor and were denied (they said they requested more information from us - we never got the request). It’s incredibly hard to keep the faith and want to stay in a neighborhood and create jobs when it feels like the city is working against us.

  2. Devin says:

    Unfortunately Lauren you fall within the minority of people the city intends to satisfy. This is very unfortunate at a time of economic stress to small business owners. The reality is that our elected officials continue to turn their head when it means to do what is right for the taxpayers of this city.

    What exactly is it that they’re doing there at that intersection anyways? Why are we wasting taxpayer money on continuing to band-aid our urban corridors and infrastructure?? Instead of wasting money and frustrating business owners, the City should be leading in the efforts to entice young, bright designers to provide proper analysis and design appropriately with foresight toward a more pedestrian orientated Urban Miami. Lets start listening to the people who do NOT lack common sense and want to better their environment for generations to follow.

    I’ve been driving in this city for over twenty years and my work has probably led me across most intersections in Dade-County. And quite honestly, less than 1% actually foster any type of pedestrian mobility or experiences. But when I travel to most other cities the pedestrian is mostly considered… Then people wonder why Miamians are the most rudest people in this country (when out in public)!

    The time is know for a complete overhaul of our city streets and sidewalks and until we have educated people running our city all we can do is hope.

    Thank you for the post Transit Miami…

  3. JJJ says:

    Heh, looks like the same federally funded ADA work going on over here in Fresno. Exact same construction method. They dig up all 4 corners to redo the ramps…and provide no alternative.

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