Yesterday I posted a blog regarding the lack of crosswalks in Downtown.  I took it upon myself during lunchtime today to count the number of pedestrians that crossed the street on SE 3rd Avenue and SE 1st St. were a crosswalk currently does not exist. If there was ever any doubt whether a crosswalk is needed, today’s results overwhelmingly favor pedestrian demand for a crosswalk. Within a 5 minute time span, 60 pedestrians crossed the street where there isn’t a crosswalk!  If a pedestrian were to get hit here, some would blame the jaywalker. I wouldn’t, I’d hold those that designed this intersection responsible.

SE 3rd Avenue and SE 1st Avenue. Intersection without a crosswalk.

SE 3rd Avenue and SE 1st St. Intersection without a crosswalk.

5 Responses to Counting Pedestrians in Downtown

  1. Dave says:

    Thats SE 3rd Avenue and SE 1st Street (not avenue).


  2. Dave says:

    The only reason I can think of why they could have done that is it is a bit of a weird intersection in that south of there 3rd Ave is a 2 way street and north of there it is a 1 way street (heading south). Also NE 1st ST is an eastbound 1-way street as well. When the light is red for eastbound traffic on 1st ST, the north bound traffic is turining right on 1st ST from 3rd AVE with one lane on 1st ST reserved for traffic heading south on 3rd AVE to make a left eastbound onto 1st ST. With the screwy way it is designed there is green light signalled traffic driving over where the crosswalk would be at all times with no designed red lights to let the pedestrians cross. The problem is with the intersection design. It looks like they actually did a good job of trying to discourage anyone from crossing at this dangerously designed intersection.


  3. Felipe Azenha says:

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake. It’s been fixed.

    Sorry, but if 60 people within 5 minutes crossed this dangerously designed intersection, whoever designed this did not do a good job of discouraging pedestrians from crossing here; they did an awful job.

    If the intent was to discourage pedestrians from crossing here (which it shouldn’t) a “Cross only at crosswalks” sign needs to go up and a protective pedestrian fence needs to be placed to dissuade pedestrians from crossing at this intersection, which in turn encourages them to cross at the crosswalk. Here’s an example of pedestrian control fencing:


  4. Brad K. says:

    Great job! While the City of Miami’s Bicycle initiiative has been great, as has been pointed out, not enough attention has been paid to pedestrian matters. This is espcially important for the Downtown area, with more than 200,000 people working there during the daytime, and the tens of thousands of new residents. How can we maike this the “most livable City in the Nation” without addressing the myriad of needs and concerns of those who walk Downtown?


  5. joel says:

    someone was having a cup o’ joe…


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