Unlicensed driver Charles Sanford, 19, was sentenced to 5 years for killing 4-year-old Veronica Desir on April 4, 2008 according to the Miami Herald. Charles Sanford fled from the scene of the accident and was apprehended three days later, his damaged Dodge Magnum was found at a Fort Lauderdale body shop.

A five year sentence is not a just punishment for this horrendous crime. Broward Circuit Judge Bernie Bober should have sent a stronger message that hit and run accidents will no longer be tolerated by sentencing him to at least ten years.  Sanford committed murder and witnesses said Sanford sped away without hesitation.  Our condolences go out to Veronica’s family.

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5 Responses to Driver only gets 5 years for deadly hit and run

  1. Prem says:

    they found his car at a body shop three days later?
    boy-o-boy justice dropped the ball on this one.


  2. Dito says:

    It’s very sad to say, but at least they caught him. It seems like these hit and runners usually don’t get caught at all.


  3. benya says:

    Wen ur on the outside looking in u can judge people easily but wen the shoe is on the other foot its a difference stop judging him he was a young frighten man that made a stupid mistake that he has to live with for the rest of his life so let him live he’s suffering enough..


  4. prem says:

    stop eating that bull crap. live with what? The guy didn’t take any responsibility whatsoever for his actions. Screw his suffering. What about the parents of that dead child?
    What about their suffering?


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