I was driving by the Douglas Road pedestrian overpass last weekend when I noticed that the fence designed to “force” people into using the overpass still hadn’t been fixed after an accident partially destroyed it last summer. Interestingly enough, a new path has formed in the grass and once again there are people darting across this treacherous stretch, rather than climbing the flight of stairs or using the elevator. We analyzed this particular overpass a year ago.

Meanwhile plans to build a third US-1 pedestrian overpass adjacent to the UM Metrorail station are currently underway. The Miami Today News Reports:

The meeting is 4-7:30 p.m. Sept. 27 at the Holiday Inn University of Miami, 1350 S. Dixie Hwy in Coral Gables. Free hotel parking is available.

Free Hotel Parking? Yes, let’s drive to a planning meeting designed to build better facilities for walking. This doesn’t make any sense… I came up with a visual as to how close this meeting will be to the Metrorail:


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3 Responses to US-1 Overpass Updates

  1. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

    Why the whole page suddenly became italicized, I do not know…

  2. Never spend more than you have to says:

    Close off some of those lanes, add a bus and bike lane. Slow down that traffic to a crawl. Why build a bridge when you can just slow down the traffic, its much cheaper. Do you really think that those elevators are going to be kept up? Why such an expensive solution to such a simple problem.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The traffic already is at a crawl in this area.
    Don’t forget in addition to the University Overpass, being built because 2 people have been killed at the intersection of Mariposa in the last few years. There is the South Miami overpass being designed for crossing at Sunset.
    At the Bicycle Pedestrian Advocacy Committee meeting that they discussed the plans for these two overpasses, the only means for crossing with a bike is by going up the elevator so if you just want to cross it would be easier to take a chance and cross on the road. We tried to convince them to make it a ramp or even to have a slight ramp incline that would allow bicyclists to go up the stairs while carrying their bikes up the ramps. They were not receptive to this as an option and this will probably be underused when it is completed because it’s just easier to cross at street level.

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