Thanks to Karja Hansen for taking these pics on her commute to work.

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3 Responses to Pic ‘O The Day: New Sharrows on SW 6 Street

  1. R says:

    Pretty sure this is SW 6th St.


  2. Matthew Toro says:

    Crisp sharrow paint — gorgeous!

    However, all that on-street parking on streets running-through what appears to be purely residential land-use needs to go.

    Streets are public property. They are the public “right-of-way”. These private homeowners already get sufficient automobile parking with their garages, carports, driveways, yards, etc.

    Why should public tax dollars be spent to maintain on-street parking for private residences?

    The homeowners bought the lot and the house. No on-street parking was included in the deal!

    If the City feels that there’s a public need for on-street parking here, then at least raise some revenue and charge for it. That is, make private individuals pay for usurping public space away from the community at-large.

    Keep public lands — including streets — public!


  3. Tony Garcia says:

    Matt - there is a need for on-street parking. Without that we have no way of lowering overall parking requirements and getting cars out of peoples driveways and lessening the impact of driving on the city. Land use is the key to true mobility balance - on-street parking is a key part of that discussion. We do not want to encourage parking in driveways (and across sidewalks in most cases) or to encourage private garage construction. Ultimately more walkable city is a more bikable city.


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