This is what our downtown streets should look like.  Compact, connected by transit, and very pedestrian accessible.  Can anyone name this city?

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8 Responses to Pic o’ the Day: Transit in the Urban Center

  1. Definitely a North American, English-speaking city. But I can’t find that livery on any of the LRT sites in the US, so I’m guessing Canadian. Calgary?


  2. sandrine says:

    IT does not look american to me. Canadian I would say, too.


  3. Kyle says:

    Calgary, Canada! I looked through all the U.S. and Canadian light-rail trains to find that paint scheme and it’s definitely Calgary!


  4. Kordor says:

    It’s sad to think that in the one community in south Florida that has the kind of (quasi) density and mixed use to make this kind of a scene a reality (and here I’m talking about South Beach) elections get decided based on whether a candidate is anti-density (“Traffic is our biggest problem”) or anti-mixed use (no mini Home Depot in Sunset Harbour).


  5. Calgary it is…

    Anyone been there?


  6. Okay, okay… I’l admit. I cheated. A bit. Maybe.

    I did the same think “Kyle” did, but couldn’t find the livery (directly). I saw a picture of ANOTHER LRT system in Calgary (the C-Train), which connects with the above.

    I happened to see the livery of the above LRT system reflected in a window on a picture of the C-Train.

    Never been there - but I hear it’s beautiful up there in Alberta.

    The irony of “it all” is that Alberta’s economic boom comes at least in part from harvesting of oil from the Tar Sands nearby.


  7. anonymous13 says:

    It’s unfortunate that American cities don’t look like that. What a waste of infrastructure spending. It’s what happens when government interferes with the markets like subsidizing housing and building freeways.


  8. cat says:

    the image is nicely composed. at first I thought the station awning was a roof over the entire street.


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