A press conference was held this afternoon at 1450 Brickell Avenue to announce changes to the upcoming FDOT resurfacing project.  Mayor Regalado and Commissioner Sarnoff were present to make the official announcement that FDOT has agreed to reduce the speed limit to 35 mph from Southeast 15th Road and the entrance to the Rickenbacker Causeway. In addition, a new marked crosswalk in the 1400 block of Brickell will be added and all existing incomplete crosswalks will be completed so that pedestrians will have marked crossings on all four corners. Bike sharrows will also be added, but at a cost; FDOT plans to widen the roadway to accommodate sharrows. We love bike sharrows, but the roadway should not be widened to accommodate sharrows.  We are advocating for the opposite; travel lanes should be narrowed to calm traffic.

The press conference was very encouraging.    All of the elected officials present acknowledged that more needs to be done for all users on Brickell Avenue and noted that the improvements are only a first step. (We agree.) FDOT went further and said they would be willing to add more crosswalks if the Miami DDA agreed to pay for them, which the DDA agreed to pay for on the spot.  There were even whispers of raised crosswalks being thrown around and the strong possibility that the speed limit would be cut even further to 30 mph.  A 30 mph speed limit is more appropriate and would connect seamlessly to Biscayne Boulevard’s current 30 mph speed limit. 

PS. We put the Transit Miami Eye to work yesterday looking for an instance of 30 mph limit on US1 in a Central Business District, and we didn’t have to look far.

A speed limit sign on Biscayne Boulevard and Flagler Street shows very clearly an instance of a 30 mph limit on U.S. 1 in the Central Business District… looks like a precedent to me.  It also means that this line in yesterday’s Herald article is incorrect:  : “That will make the entirety of Brickell 35 mph — the same speed as the connected Biscayne Boulevard to its north.”  More to come…

5 Responses to Recap: Brickell Avenue Press Conference: More improvements to come?

  1. Jeff Donnelly says:

    Check out the new streetscape for US 1 in downtown Titusville for a speed limit lower than 30 on a US Higway in a business district.


  2. Tony Garcia says:

    Thanks Jeff, I’ll check it out!


  3. Adam Mizrahi says:

    There is still not enough crosswalks in the plan! We should be getting at least two more intersections with crosswalks, reduced speed limit, and the such. Now that the DDA is paying for them, there should be no objections huh?


  4. Tony Garcia says:

    lets hope not…


  5. […] our local elected officials have promised more safety improvements for Brickell Avenue.  We here at Transit Miami have high expectations from FDOT and our elected officials.  Please do […]


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