From the Miami Today:

EYES ON THE STREET: Small black kiosks are popping up around Coconut Grove as part of a City of Miami pilot initiative to have more “eyes on the street,” Commissioner Marc Sarnoff said. He proposed the idea in May, calling for increased enforcement officer presence. The booths are to serve as bases for police officers “most of the time,” he said, and sometimes for code-enforcement officers. During special events, they could also serve as information booths for visitors, he said. The city hopes to complete the booths before the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, which begins Feb. 16. “If this (pilot) works, we’re going to bring it up Biscayne Boulevard around the performing arts center,” as well as to the Upper East side and possibly Little Havana, Mr. Sarnoff said.

The CGG has a different view:

They look like prison guard stations or even worse, Gulag booths. Do they need to be black and do tourists really need an info booth? The Grove is three streets long. The best thing is to let the tourists wander around and go into stores and ask around for things. It will bring more business to stores this way and it makes it a friendlier place than to have a cold black info booth.

We here at Transit Miami like this new approach to keeping our streets safer. The booths will create a place for tourists to seek advice while keeping a vigilant eye on our higher pedestrian areas. They promote safety and tourism while encouraging people to walk about our most urban neighborhoods. I think we could use a few of these along Flagler, Brickell, and Little Havana. Your thoughts?

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8 Responses to The Grove’s Information Booths

  1. Gabriel says:

    I think its a great idea. Lately, I have been thinking about the necessity of law enforcement on the streets of Miami as the city continues to mature. Increased police presence on the street level would certainly have positive effects. The police presence would give pedestrians a greater sense of security, which would therefore promote more foot traffic. If the initial booth installments prove effective, I would love to see more of them sprout up around the city.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I also think it’s a great idea. I think they look great, will help tourists and locals alike get around the area with ease, and will give people reassurance of safety on our streets. I think these would be great throughout Downtown, PAC, Midtown, and Miami Beach.


  3. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

    Just to clarify, the above Gabriel statement was not left by me…

    Great responses so far guys, keep them coming…


  4. G. de las Salas says:

    Long time reader, first time poster…I realized after posting that it could cause some confusion. In the future, I’ll stick to this name to avoid the possibility of confusion.


  5. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

    No Problem G… Just wanted to clarify that one so there wasn’t any confusion. Feel free to comment under whichever name…

    Thanks for reading and finally posting a comment. We have many others like you who tend to sit back and watch rather than interact…

    Speak out folks! We can’t make a difference unless we know what our community wants…


  6. Carlos Miller says:

    Gabriel (not GJLB),

    Damn that looks like an acronym for a personals ad.

    But as I was about to say, the booths are no guarantee for an increased police presence. The City of Miami can easily increase police presence without having to splurge on the booths.

    There is one booth that looks like these on Collins Avenue in front of the Wolfsonian Museum.

    Most of the time it’s just empty. Sometimes they have some type of art project inside. I’ve never seen a cop inside nor anybody for that matter.

    I still don’t know what its original purpose was, but that is how I see the booths in the Grove ending up. Just empty booths sprayed with graffiti.

    My question is, who are the contractors who were paid to construct these booths? Isn’t that always the relevant question in Miami?

    Perhaps that’s already been answered and I just haven’t been paying attention.


  7. Johnny says:

    Instead of spending money on booths why dont they just have police officers patrol on foot? I know Miami is different from New York, but in Manhattan you can find police officers walking everywhere.
    Save the money! Go build a park or something.


  8. Green Team says:

    The booths so far have served no purpose. Every time someone has gone and asked for info (when there is someone in the booth, which is like 2% of the time), the person in the booth scratches there heads, grabs a visitors guide and tries to figure out where they hell they are.

    The booths are ugly, waste of money and are empty most of the time. When they are occupied, they are occupied by people without a clue.

    This might work in downtown Miami, but seems to be a waste of money and space in the Grove and probably in South Beach and places like that.


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