Commissioner Frank Carollo, District 3

At this week’s Bicycle Action Committee meeting, the regular updates given on the status of the Bicycle Master Plan were missing a few crucial projects, all of which are in Commissioner Frank Carollo’s district. I asked the Bicycle Coordinator, Collin Worth, what happened? Ever the diplomat, he informed us that they had been put on hold by the new Commissioner. “Does the Commissioner not understand that these projects are of crucial importance to the connectivity of our bicycle routes“, we asked.”…the safety of cyclists who use them to bypass busier streets and access the restaurants and shops of Coral Way?

Mr. Worth would not speak for the Commissioner, who had sent no representation of his own to the meeting so… what can we do? Rumors (so far, just rumors) suggest Carollo is no fan of the Bicycle Master Plan (yet), that he thinks car parking is more important than bringing cyclists and pedestrians to stores, or that he simply doesn’t realize how important these projects are to us, the residents of Miami.

Of course, we cannot expect the new Commissioner to automatically support everything started in his district before he took office. We understand that it can take time to look at each project and that even if it is nearly completed, he will be held responsible if it is completed under his watch. So, we have reached out to the Commissioner and hope that you will, too. Let him know that you support road improvements that support the City’s Complete Streets Policy and/or Bicycle Master Plan and/or whatever you feel is important.

Each City of Miami Commissioner controls the dollars spent on capital improvements (including road projects) in his district. Have you emailed or called your commissioner to introduce yourself yet?  He needs to hear from you. If you do not live in the City, you can still reach out to the commissioner of the district where you work, do your shopping or otherwise visit. encourages our readers to engage with their local government and support moving Miami better.

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9 Responses to Commissioner Carollo Not (Yet) Supporting the Bicycle Master Plan?

  1. city resident says:

    yes, and he is hard to get a meeting with. I have tried to be able to promote Miami 21, bicycling, transit, etc and I don’t think he wants any part of it. It’s a shame I wonder if the FDOT project to add bike lanes on Flagler and SW 1st streets will be implemented or become another missed opportunity like Biscayne Boulevard.

    Meanwhile pedestrians and cyclists are being literally run over every month in Miami. I guess the body count is not high enough to count yet?


  2. coralway68 says:

    I sent him an email. Thank you for posting it.
    I think he will be a supporter. Doesn’t he have kids? our streets are fill of people riding bikes and it’s dangerous!!!


  3. brody says:

    I sent him an e-mail. I suggest everyone else do too. We need our voices heard. Thanks for the heads up TM!


  4. testing us says:

    I have a feeling its new commissioners feeling their constituents and seeing who is going to be vocal. Send letters of support for the bicycle master plan, Miami 21, transit, and complete streets. We can not allow our previous efforts to go unnoticed.


  5. LG says:

    I suggest in addition to Commissioner Carollo, copy his staff person Jude Faerron so she can be aware as well. She is his eyes and ears in the community as well as his policy advisor.


  6. Kathryn Moore says:

    Thank you, LG!


  7. Jack says:

    Commissioner Frank Carollo is clueless as to what has been going on in District 3 since he has been busy campaigning for any available position open. He will tie down every project in his district until he can better understand what is going on. We are paying to teach him! Sad, very sad.


  8. […] Every bicycle project in City Commissioner Carollo’s district 3 remains on hold. We have no idea why and Collin Worth would not elaborate. I saw the Commissioner at Bike Miami Days […]


  9. Chris says:

    That’s my district! Email has already been sent to his office.


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