Watch out motorists-you never know when a cyclist may have a video camera or two hooked up to a bicycle.

Earlier this week a motorist on Miami Beach was handcuffed and arrested for aggravated assault, a felony. Friend of Transit Miami, Ken, informed us that a driver of a SUV road-raged and threatened Ken with his car on South Beach. The driver and Ken exchanged a few words, but the driver decided to escalate the situation by nearly running Ken off the road. Lucky for Ken he spotted a Miami Beach cruiser and made him aware of the circumstances and the officer pulled over the SUV. Needless to say the driver of the SUV told a different story. His B.S. fairy-tale quickly came to an end after Ken revealed that he had two cameras attached to his bicycle. Unfortunately only one camera was working, but it was enough for the officer to clearly see the driver was the aggressor.

Well done Miami Beach Police! Keep up the good work and professionalism!

This contrasts starkly to an unfortunate situation earlier this week in which the Miami Beach Police department did not handle a car/bicycle collision properly. Transit Miami friend, Gabriela, was clipped by a car and the driver left the scene of the accident. Gabriela called the MBPD and requested an accident report. Even with the cars’ tag number, a witness, and a damaged bicycle the police officer said there was nothing he could do.

We’ll continue to report the good, the bad, and the ugly….We like reporting the good too.


5 Responses to Miami Beach Police Arrest Motorist for Aggravated Assault Against Cyclist

  1. Brad Knoefler says:

    Great news. Unfortunately, it looks like we all have to carry cameras to protect ourselves from these aggressive motorists who always have a “story” when the Police finally do show up.


  2. Mike Moskos says:

    While I doubt he put the cameras on to record bad car behavior (probably there to video parts of his own rides), what a great use of a video camera.

    If you do it yourself, remember that while it is legal in the State of Florida to videotape in a public place, it is NOT legal to record voice (not legal for police to record voice either, but the courts simply ignore the law when the po po are the violators). Should it end up in court, your video tape with voice won’t help you and will probably get you charged with a crime.


  3. jonathan says:

    Really glad to hear about this, more cameras on bikes!



  4. Ken says:

    The sole purpose of those cameras is to record bad drivers. I call it my black box. I got tired of it. Your word vs their word inevitably leads to they get away with it. Now I have proof

    It’s sad that I have to record all my bike rides, but the reality is there are plenty of drivers out there who should not be allowed to operate the ‘deadly’ weapon that every motor vehicle is


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