The Miami Herald is reporting that the former home of The Jackie Gleason Show could be torn down to make room for a new hotel and the expansion of the Miami Beach convention center.

This project sounds like a really bad idea. The last thing Miami Beach needs right now is another hotel. The Fillmore is a beautiful historic building and provides a much needed small/medium sized venue for music. Live Nation, which currently operates the Fillmore, invested millions of dollars three years ago to renovate the building. Miami Beach needs a collection of buildings that represents its history; this collection creates an architecturally diversified urban environment which contributes to good urbanism. The Fillmore is a building we should keep, its part of our history and should not be demolished.

Please send City Manager Jorge Gonzalez an email to let him know that you do not support the demolition of this building.

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4 Responses to RIP Fillmore Miami Beach?

  1. Dave says:

    I’m sure all the owners of Hotels on South Beach would be thrilled having their tourist/Convention Center tax money which they are the primary source of spent on a new hotel to compete with them.


  2. cb says:

    Ridiculous. Isn’t there a historic designation on that building yet?

    Sad, especially considering they seemed to be having a good run lately with shows.


  3. […] we should keep, its part of our history and should not be demolished. via Transit Miami RIP Fillmore Miami Beach? | Transit Miami And the Herald: Planners hired to draft a renovation and expansion plan for the convention […]


  4. sriram says:

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