As a true transit and bicycling advocate, Gabrielle Redfern understands the fundamentals of good urbanism. According to the Miami Herald, Gabrielle Redfern is advocating for a system of four Beach-only circulating bus routes on 20-minute schedules to alleviate congestion.  She also supports charging market rates for on-street parking with the revenue going towards enhancements in the neighborhoods that generate it. This is the kind of, out-of-box, forward thinking candidate Miami Beach needs.  Join us in supporting Gabrielle Redfern for the Group 3 Commission seat.

16 Responses to Transit Miami Endorses Gabrielle Redfern for Commissioner of Miami Beach

  1. JM Palacios says:

    Gabrielle FTW!


  2. Slow Bike Miami also endorses Gabrielle Redfern in her group.


  3. Mike Lydon says:

    I can’t be there to vote, but I sure wish I could be. Go Gabrielle!


  4. Prem says:

    Beach only bus! YES!
    I’ve been wanting this for almost a decade now. I don’t understand why SO MANY BUSSES go down collins avenue.
    for a while now i’ve been thinking in my head about them discontinuing parts of routes that take people from the mainland and then go all the way down the beach. this to me seems very wasteful and pointless.

    Get an oft-circulating bus on the beach, have other busses simply leave people on collins and then back to the mainland where people wait a LONG time for a damn bus.


  5. Tony says:

    Beach circulating bus is good, but 20 min headways? Should be around 4-6 min to be really successful.


  6. Prem says:

    Tony, I don’t imagine her proposal involves changing any other bus routes, so an ADDITIONAL bus in Miami Beach running every 20 minutes is probably more than enough.


  7. Felipe Azenha says:

    Agreed Tony. 20 min is too long. Headway needs to be shorter to be successful.


  8. Tony says:

    I should rephrase. The propsed circulator, in addition to existing bus service, should provide headways between local stops between 4-6 min. average.


  9. Prem says:

    thanks tony, a few words make a big difference.
    and we wouldn’t want collins/harding becoming crowded with busses!


  10. Anyoneofus says:

    Get her elected first. Then start negotiating headway times.


  11. [...] The Miami Herald and Transit Miami have endorsed Gabrielle as well, mainly for her transportation activism and her gumption to tackle [...]


  12. Mike Moskos says:

    On the extremely off-chance that she’ll read this, I recommend:
    -More buses going to and from the Beach to the mainland. Of all the bus routes I ride (and I ride mostly on non-peak hours), the buses to and from South Beach always seem to be the most crowded.
    -More trees along the sidewalks. It is pretty damn miserable walking any long distance in South Florida in the sun, with the heat radiated back at you from the sidewalk. Regular spaced tall trees (for beauty) are mostly in place already, but they need to be in-filled with SHADE trees that cover the sidewalks every hour of the day. When the walk alone or the walk between buses is pleasant, you’ll get more people out of their cars. People will get out of their cars anyway due to increasing costs, but when they do, they won’t hate government for leaving the walk the miserable way it is now. And those areas with shade will be rewarded with shoppers and high rents for landlords.


  13. Tony says:

    Mike, you can be sure she reads TM. Thanks for your recomendations.


  14. Gabrielle says:

    I DO read TM every day! Thanks Mike.

    I agree totally with better sidewalks that accommodates both trees and feet, with the bicycles in a striped lane in the roadway…..that is a battle I fight often, as the ROW is limited and competed for…..

    My bus plan includes express busses that run over the causeways and back: again every 20 minutes….

    Hope we can get it done! Thanks!


  15. Alberto says:

    One measure that will help ease traffic is to take the garbage trucks and delivery of the road during the rush hours. This is a standard on mayor cities. I live on the NOBE area and commute to work and often times the traffic is backed up on the morning rush because a garbage tuck. Also often constructions trucks and delivery trucks for the stores and supermarkets are double parked on Collins creating mayor back ups. Just my 2cs


  16. Prem says:

    these trucks double parking on collins and harding has been a major traffic problem/hazard for decades now. But it is completely unacceptable.

    It just demonstrates, to me, the incompetence of the local governance that this issue has never been resolved.


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