The ghost bike which was placed on Bear Cut Bridge in memory of Christophe Le Canne has been removed.  We are not sure who removed it, but please return it to its rightful place.

12 Responses to Ghost Bike Removed from Bear Cut Bridge

  1. Kathryn Moore says:

    The disrespect here deeply saddens me. Who would do this?


  2. eddie suarez says:

    on the same day the turdbrain plead not guilty…


  3. Ry says:

    I’m betting the county took it down.. the wreath is also gone

    the bike was not rideable.. no thief could use this bike.. the wheels were welded on to the frame. other parts of the bike were welded together as well


  4. @j2dahizzay says:

    I am sure it was friends of Carlos to spite the victim. SICK!
    I t’s a memorial! if the county had done it they would have waited 30 days. I am sure there are other things code enforcement can do.


  5. Juan says:

    It was probably Bertolatti’s disgusting group of friends. Get rid of them all, go back where you came from.


  6. Anonymous says:

    We all need to know the REASON WHY the ghost bike got removed.

    Is your intention for the removal of ghost bike is to tell anyone not to worry anymore about Carlos Bertonatti because he is in jail? I don’t think this is the reason for him being in jail.


  7. MrSunshine561 says:

    Write the county’s Public Works Department and ask them if they removed the bike and on what basis. Also copy your commissioner and the mayor’s office.

    Public Works:

    Here’s how to find out who’s the commissioner for your district, if you don’t know that already:

    Most of these people are elected. They *owe* us an answer.



  8. Byron says:

    It probably was city workers, The city of Miami and the Village of Key Biscayne didn’t want to give the wrong impression to visiting tourist…….I think it was a great symbol unity.


  9. Mrs. Slow Bike Miami says:

    I’d be willing to bet it was the county/city. Not surprising, really. I know it’s a memorial, but as it wasn’t placed by the city/county it might be considered littering or defacement of public property. Perhaps a chat with officials can help create a permanent memorial?


  10. Ry says:

    It was the County PWD as I initially claimed. It has been confirmed. The bike is in storage until a better location is found for it. Supposedly the family has been contacted in regards to the memorial.


  11. SA says:

    I heard the owner of Club Space had the bike removed and it is hanging on his wall as a trophy.


  12. BikerChick says:

    Why is Club Space still open?


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