The Miami Dade Police Department has provided Transit Miami with their Rickenbacker Causeway enforcement statistics for 2009 and January 2010.  As you can see below the Miami Dade Police Department has been enforcing their jurisdiction on the Rickenbacker Causeway.  They are issuing approximately 7 hazardous moving violations per day to motorists. Enforcement is clearly present. What we need is a roadway that is designed to discourage people from speeding. Even with police enforcement motorists continue to speed on the Rickenbacker Causeway. More enforcement may help, but is not the ultimate solution. Designing a roadway for all users is the answer.

Month Hazardous 1 Moving Violations Non-Hazardous2 Moving Violations Verbal Warnings Total
January 136 97 67 300
February 227 142 108 477
March 252 76 117 445
April 257 102 97 456
May 257 138 151 546
June 218 119 83 420
July 203 75 93 371
August 147 85 86 318
September 174 89 153 416
October 216 168 112 496
November 222 90 97 409
December 115 99 113 327
Total 2009 4,981
Total 2009 Hazardous Moving Violations 2,424
Average 2009 Hazardous Moving Violations Issued Per Day 6.64
January 270 120 120 510
Average January 2010 Hazardous Moving Violations Issued Per Day 8.71
1. Hazardous violations are those which have the immediate potential for bodily injury
and property destruction; for example, running a red light or stop sign, or careless driving
2. Non-hazardous violations are those not likely to expose persons to injury or result in property damage;
for example, expired tag or defective equipment.

3 Responses to Rickenbacker Causeway Enforcement Statistics

  1. Eddie Suarez says:

    7 per day? That’s a very small number compared to the number of speeders out there. That’s less than one ticket every 3 hours.


  2. The City of Miami plans to bring back a proposed Master Plan for Virginia Key in July 2010. A redesign and policies related to the Rickenbacker should be part of that. Now is the time to influence those changes on the road as well as uses on the island. There will be public meetings and opportunities to comment beforehand. There is one public charrette already scheduled at the Rusty Pelican, March 27 as part of Dade Heritage Days. Alternate master plan proposals created by University of Miami students will be on display. More info on that and other events, history and ecology of Virginia Key are available at
    Also. on Facebook: Friends of Virginia Key.


  3. L Gonzalez says:

    Perhaps the City of Miami will decide to make clubs close at 3:00 am. That would make the roads safer for bikers and runners and it would save lives.


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