Let’s hear the City of Miami Parks Citizens’ Advisory Board’s annual recommendations…Wait, what’s that? There aren’t any Citizens’ Park Advisory Board Recommendations because 19 dedicated citizens couldn’t show up regularly enough to have quorum at meetings??? I’m not making this up; I don’t think I could if I wanted to…See for yourself:

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5 Responses to Why Miami Parks are a Disaster

  1. Steven says:

    Let me start off by saying that I do not live within the boundaries of the City of Miami. When I watched this clip, I had my jaw open in awe the entire run and found my jaw dropping even further as the clip progressed.

    One of the reasons which Mr. Blanco gave for the committee not having quorum at meetings was lofty goals set forth in the committee’s description which are unachievable. I was able to find the relevant ordinance that listed its goals and purpose and it can be found below:

    (1) To serve in an advisory capacity to the City Commission; (2) To provide periodic review of budget, programming, beautification, security and physical improvements as needed for all City park and recreational facilities and other public spaces managed or owned by the City; (3) To hold an annual public review meeting and present an annual written report to the Mayor, Commissioners, and the City Manager at a City Commission meeting; (4) To schedule regular site visits to parks and consult with schools and neighborhood groups to obtain input and recommendations in order to enhance the parks to benefit all residents; (5) To seek outside funding from foundations and other sources for park beautification, purchase or redesign of additional park land, and equipment with assistance of City staff; (6) To oversee the creation and function of a Miami Park Trust, if so created by the City Commission, for the purpose of receiving donations to be used for enhancement of specific park projects; (7) To hold periodic meetings and public programs at which public participation will be encouraged; (8) To assure that the design of parks appeal to people of both genders and all ages, with particular attention to the needs of people of diverse class and cultural background; (9) To assure that adequate park space is provided tot he public pursuant to the City’s Master Plan which may be revised to reflect greater equity to individual residential neighborhoods rather than citywide.

    Now I don’t know, but I really do not see this description as being “Lofty” or discouraging. The only thing I could think of would be that people like to be involved in any form of development that takes place. Could commissioners’ over-participation in the parks lead to the committee members being discouraged? Could the Museum Park plan be possibly overstepping the committee, thus alienating the members? There are listed several vacancies for the committee, seven (7) vacancies in total, three of which are appointed by city commissioners and the remaining four (4) being board appointed.

    Since Miami is essentially the flagship city for the entire South Florida area, it is important that our parks be friendly and welcoming as well as accommodating. If there is an issue with that committee, it is imperative that the commission do something about it immediately.


  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks Steven, nice analysis.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Steven. I would also like to add that it makes me sick that people can not resolve their differences for the better good of the city.
    I work in groups all the time and it is essential to consider others, put ones pride aside and acknowledge others points of view and understandings in order to come to the best solutions.

    Good luck Miami Parks; it seems like you need all the help you can get.


  4. Dave says:

    On the other hand its not suprising since I’m assuming these are unpaid positions and that the people who hold them have full time jobs elsewhere. I honestly dont see how anyone can serve on any of these boards and do a descent job unless they are either unemployed or independetly wealthy. Thats what a competant parks and recreation dept. is for. Full time paid employees whose job it is supposed to be to handle just about every one of the tasks above.


  5. Steven says:

    I can sit here and do a full point-by-point breakdown of what the board could do unobtrusively to their schedules to fulfill the purposes stated in the charter, but it all boils down to actually doing the job. The board is an oversight committee that essentially reviews what is being done by the parks department’s employees. This is not unlike any other board of this type in the county. If the members feel that the purposes and goals of the board are too lofty or unachievable, then it should be addressed with the city commission. Another possible solution is to not agree to be a member of the board if it is too time consuming or difficult. It appears that the City of Miami has high expectations for their parks and expects the same out of the oversight group.


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