Here at TransitMiami, we’re always preaching about the importance of strong public spaces, particularly high quality parks. It’s high quality public spaces that make living in dense urban settlements very appealing, for several reasons.
A recent editorial in the Toronto Star addresses the importance of parks and public spaces, which I recommend reading. As Miami continues toward a denser, more urban future, it’s important we understand the important role of parks and public spaces.

Check out the editorial here.

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9 Responses to Why Parks are Important

  1. Anonymous says:

    We definitely need more parks in the Wynwood/Edgewater neighborhood. There are so many vacant lots that the city could by or even take because they are not kept up. There are tons of kids in the neighborhoods with nowhere to play. Good parks make for great neighborhoods.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the city should consider the lot to the west of the Brickell on the River towers, that would be a nice riverfront green park. Other alternatives could be the vacant green area on Miami Av and SW 8th St.


  3. Ryan says:

    Yeah great parks certainly do make great neighborhoods. There are many locations throughout the city and county that would serve as nice pocket parks. Many parks already in existence could use a serious makeover.

    The City has pledged to make significant improvements, and with the new Parks Master Plan, it looks like things are finally moving in the right direction. We’ll try to follow the implementation of the Parks Master Plan more frequently in the future.


  4. Anonymous says:

    One new use that they really need to find a good way to incorporate into parks… especially small parks: laptop use at a civilized table with seat that has a back under a dense, shady tree and peripheral view of something inspiring or interesting. Preferably, with free WiFi.

    No, I’m not kidding. Every few months, I get into a rut at work and head over to the park by Mercy Hospital to work for a few hours and enjoy the change of scenery (borrowing my boss’ Verizon wireless card so I can get into the VPN). The problem is, the tables at the park suck, and only 2 or 3 of them are really under a suitable tree to allow the screen to be viewed without being washed out by the sun’s glare. Amusingly, I’ve now corrupted half my coworkers, INCLUDING my boss, and now everyone does it once or twice a month during the winter. ;-)


  5. Ryan says:

    That park (Kennedy Park) is fantastic - probably my favorite Miami park. Now I’m not sure if you’re working at Mercy or Brickell/downtown, but despite Kennedy Park’s prestige, it still is a shame you don’t have somewhere that offers similar park-space amenities right near your work.

    Mercy, which occupies a lot of waterfront real estate, has totally squandered prime bayfront property. Brickell desperately needs waterfront upgrades, almost throughout the entire financial district. Have you tried down by the Rickenbacker Causeway? That’s a nice spot to just chill by the waterfront, and you may get WiFi being close to several hotels, mixed-use buildings, residences, etc.


  6. New park sites needed now says:

    City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff is trying to get the City of Miami to buy new park sites. Sarnoff feels if the City does not acquire new park sites now prospective sites will get bought by developers or they will get too expensive.

    Write City of Miami officials to encourage the acquistion of new park sites.


  7. City should buy land now says:

    Sarnoff is smart. Now is the time to acquire and warehouse new park land… The City should buy now while real estate, especially vacant land, is in a recession.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I think the land just NW of Overtown metrorail station and the transit building (to the west of the station) would make a great park. And it would also gentrify some neighborhoods that badly need it to. But then again I always thought that was THE best place in Miami to put a downtown baseball park instead which is what I would much rather that land be used for. It’s close to an interstate, metrorail, and downtown. Plus its a bigger parcel than the cramped area just NW of Government Center station.


  9. Save Parcel B from concrete says:

    Miami should acquire as many park sites now as possible. Just buy them and put them aside.

    Be wary. Do not allow the idiot politicians to pave Parcel B and put more concrete on our scarce waterfront.


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