Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Oregonian Congressman Earl Blumenaur is one of this country’s strongest advocates for mass transit and active transportation. This week, the Honorable Representative writes a brief but strong op-ed for in which he espouses his support for pro-rail legislation as a defense against climate change. encourages you to engage your representatives locally, in Tallahassee and DC. Inform yourself on what legislation is presented and advocate for what matters to you. (Transportation!!)

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Who is my Congressman? How is s/he really voting?

What is the best way to lobby my representative?

Of course, there are lots of resources available online, and we appreciate your recommendations!

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2 Responses to Rep. Earl Blumenaur - Transit’s Man on Capitol Hill

  1. TransitDave says:

    Whoa, Boy……..Not another climate change zealot looking for more lame excuses to pass a failed agenda….There are plenty of good reasons to build transit systems, but I didn’t read many in this piece……..Transit Systems work when: There is a local commitment to reducing traffic and increasing urban livability, and when a system evolves in response to these needs, rather than builting a system, and hoping to create livability where none exists yet.

    This is why the Baylink had real local support(along with significant opposition) , but the Miami streetcar project went no where.

    Sorry to disagree, but this article isn’t going to win any converts

    I did get a good thought out of Tony Garcia’s response to Gerardo Vildostegui’s comments, and Tony is on to something when touches on the real solution to many of our parking and transit problems is the stagnant PTP plan…….

    Any thoughts on how a reform effort for the People’s Transportation Plan might take shape? I’d have to think that the only way to insure such an effort’s success would be a reform of the structure of MD county’s entire government structure, such as giving the county commissioners a salary, and eliminating the many conflicts of interest inherent in a full-time job that only pays 6K a year……..



  2. Tony Garcia says:

    Transit Dave! Long time no comment!

    Yes, you are right on (as usual) about the ultimate fix to our transit problems: fixing the broken structure of our county government. Its been a great run, but the metro-miami dade system is not adequately serving the citizens of Dade County - and why should it? It was created at a time very different from our own, and should have been seen as a first step in the long journey toward becoming a succsessful and vibrant metropolitan region.
    I am still formulating the Transit Miami plan, but you will be the first person I share it with!


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