SunRail was defeated in the State Legislature Friday, 23-16. With it goes the $2 rental car surcharge for Tri-Rail, which most of the South Florida Senators ended up voting against because they said they were worried that local voters might overturn the surcharge. It’s uncertain whether they considered that most locals will not be paying this “tax”, but will definitely benefit from it. Read more at the Palm Beach Post.

Also check out an article at The Ledger that includes Senator Mike Bennet of Bradenton suggesting that the money spent on SunRail would be better spent buying a car for each of the 3,500 riders predicted to ride SunRail the first few years. I know the government is now in the auto business, but really now—how ignorant can you get?

Don’t vote for these guys in the next election.

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8 Responses to SunRail Shines No More

  1. Polo-Go says:

    Well, ‘The Ledger’ is Lakeland’s paper- where the main opposer of that bill is from- so I would not pay much mind to what that article said at all…

    But speaking of ignorance, though- it is a sad spectacle to witness the lack of stewardship and manipulation that was partaken with issue because so-called appointed representatives of the “people” cared only of their resentful self interests and the past rather than progress for their state and its populace (including Sen. Villalobos, who also killed your Tri-Rail bill earlier last year!).

    I’m not a transportation expert, but with the growth trends experienced within this state, you would think it would be sound to implement as many sources of transportation you can for a well-balanced transportation flow- personal vehicles and mass transportation. But even from reading the local-yokel comments that poured into the local Central Florida papers, they don’t seem to undertand how diversifying the alternatives for transportation would have benefitted them in the long run! $18,000 per passanger that was claimed the project was costing would have been reduced if you took into account the amount of personal expenses those very people would have saved in driving less-congested roads (because of a shift of cars on the road), car wear and maintenance, and/or riding mass-transportation itself.
    Too bad that that most of these people have not experienced South Florida traffic of late; otherwise, they would have gotten the point that your traffic woes will be their traffic woes in five years time!

    Of course, never mind that besides them also killing Tri-Rail (which is important in South Florida), the SunRail system was to be the seed for all proposed rail mass-transportation projects within the state (high-speed rail from Tampa-Orlando was tied to that project, as well as proposed extensions for a Jacksonville Transit link and a Southbound extension to Stuart). This is the ‘people’s’ decision, therefore let them eat their cake (while talking on their cell phones and putting on their makeup) in the middle of their congested traffic- because that is what they want of Florida to become.


  2. Mike Lydon says:

    “let them eat their cake (while talking on their cell phones and putting on their makeup) in the middle of their congested traffic- because that is what they want of Florida to become.”

    Haha, I am afraid that is what Florida already is!

    This is most unfortunate and shows how unserious Florida’s political leaders are about the requirements of the future. However, this certainly isn’t just a Florida problem. All of over the United States short term political decisions trump the long term needs of the country.


  3. Tony Garcia says:

    I agree. Additionally, Obama is going to be throwing money at high speed rail projects in the coming years, especially in places with established rail corridors. We stand to benefit from billions of dollars of rail investment, but unfortunately we haven’t shown the basic willingness to fund exitsing rail systems, much less new lines across the state. The failure of Sunrail is a big deal. Although there is strong support for this project, it’s anyone’s guess if they will try again next year. Let’s hope so.


  4. Kevin says:

    I can’t believe it, so disenchanting! I hope they bring it up again next year to try and pass it then. SunRail is crucial for Central Florida’s future. The area already experiences extensive gridlock, it’s obvious cars and road expansions can’t continue to satisfy the needs of Orlando. We need Democrats in Tallahassee seriously.


  5. Mike Lydon says:

    Yes, Democrats tend to be more pro-rail, but for a nationwide network to actually be implemented, the politics of rail must continue to move towards being the bi-partisan issue that it truly is!


  6. Polo-Go says:

    Thanks for you comments, guys- I wanted to make sure that it was not me the one that has the incorrect point of view about this subject.

    Nice website, by the way- I’ll sure tune in to visit a lot more…


  7. AnyoneofUs says:

    There is also the problem that when the federal gov’t gives money to the states it’s to the FDOT, who spends money on Highways, and forgoes rail. So it has to be a mandate to spend on rail.


  8. orlando_resident says:

    Orlando needs a rail system, not an overpass on S.R 50 and 436. And definitely not more lanes on roads. That just adds more traffic


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