Boca Raton Residents are calling for the replacement of Tri-Rail tracks at a couple of intersections along the corridor… To make Tri-Rail a better commuting option you ask? Nope, so that their drive across the tracks won’t be as bumpy… Watch the video for yourself…

3 Responses to The Tracks are too Bumpy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tracks were built to specs so there’s nothing wrong with them, there’s just too much traffic at this intersection.

    This tells me who ever did the spec is the one who messed up. Who did the engineering study to create the specs? They didn’t account for the amount of traffic and didn’t create a proper spec.


  2. kingofrance says:

    What’s interesting about this is that it gives validity to the idea of automobile hegemony (yeah, I can’t believe I used that phrase either), but still. How about this; a sign saying “Slow Down! Tracks Ahead!”. For some reason you don’t see Live Team Coverage about the dangerous street conditions caused by all of the new construction around Miami.


  3. VXO says:

    Crossings are being replaced along that corridor; the old rubber plate ones (wavy lined, usually stamped “OMNI”) which used to sink into the ground and otherwise decay are on the way out, being replaced by big heavy concrete and steel ones.

    If you’re curious as to the longevity of these concrete and steel plates, look underneath the Dadeland South Metrorail station. Dadeland Boulevard still has an old crossing of that type installed across it where the FEC line once ran. It’s at least 25 years old, and is still just fine.

    Silly Historical Note:

    Look up at the side of the Datran building while you’re at it, and you’ll see two circles of bolts which once held the railroad crossing’s warning lights. You can follow the route of the old FEC track by car now; it’s now the little northern parking extension for the station, and the drop-off lane.

    The rubber crossing plates were a colossal mistake! Eww. They must have been really smooth when they were new… for the first 3 weeks or so.


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