As the tired old arguments rear their ugly heads again on moving Miami-Dade’s Urban Development Boundary and incessant highway expansion, Miami Herald cartoonist Jim Morin’s piece below from 2007 is unfortunately just as relevant today in 2012.


4 Responses to Pic O’ the Day

  1. Matthew Toro says:

    It’s a great cartoon to accompany a great quote.

    But let us not forget what happened to former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Katy Sorenson prior to making that statement. When, in early 2006, she voted against any new real estate development beyond the UDB, she was removed by Commissioner Martinez from the influential South Florida Regional Planning Council!

    Dirty money, dirty politics!


  2. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    What metrics are they using to gauge whether or not introducing development beyond the UDB will instigate economic growth for the metropolitan area? Where are they getting this information from? It must be dirty money, indeed. This is so frustrating!


  3. Johnny says:

    The more I read this website - the farther away from Miami I want to go.


  4. Matthew Toro says:


    I don’t personally run the site, but I’m confident I express the sentiments of those who do by saying that the content you read here is motivated by a deep love for our beloved Miami, a city we recognize as having so much untapped potential.

    When you read something seemingly cynical or negative on the site, it’s because we wish to hold Miami up to that potential. We wish to make the urban planning and design process more transparent and participatory. We wish to show policy makers that the public is watching, and the public will take an active role in the management of its city’s space. Thus, the content you may read here, although sometimes seemingly negative or cynical, is actually motivated by very positive intentions.

    Personally, I see Miami as a city from which everybody takes. Everybody takes and very few ever give anything back . . .

    It’s time for those who love Miami to start giving back.

    TransitMiami is just one of the means by which people can start giving back: by supporting more efficient and sustainable transportation systems, by deepening the substance of public policy discourse, and by connecting with like-minded — or debating with non-like-minded — people.

    Don’t go away from Miami, Johnny. Miami needs you!


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