I’m assuming everyone would have figured out what city was featured in yesterday’s Pic o’ the Day had I placed this picture up instead:I’m surprised nobody could realize that was Duck Creek Park sitting right smack in the middle of all those housing sectors. The point of the Pic o’ the Day was to illustrate just how drab and boring our suburban lives in suburbia have become. As rd commented in the previous post:
“I still believe it’s somewhere in Miami visible by plane. I’ve seen Miami out of a plane before and it looks just like that photo.”

I’ve seen it too and it’s revolting. I can guarantee you (and I will) that I can find pictures of thousands of suburbs across the country that all look like they could be here in our own backyard. Kendall, most of Broward, South Dade, nearly all of Palm Beach, etc. is quickly becoming a mass of featureless suburban plight. Cookie cutter houses, laid out on arbitrarily curvy streets which connect to a few major connector roads, all of which are littered with drive-thru everythings and strip shopping centers. There is no sense of place or community because this isn’t a place (or a community!) just a soulless blob stretching out radially from every former nucleic city center…

To be continued…

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One Response to Po’D Answer: Las Vegas, Sprawlvada!

  1. charck says:

    By the way, those aren’t “arbitrarily curvy streets” it is a “wash” - a fail-safe measure used to divert water during rainstorms since the desert soil is virtually nonabsorbent.

    These housing subdivisions are all surrounded (and each house is separated from one another) by concrete block walls. One irony of this is that when it does rain city streets literally become raging rivers with the water bound in by these concrete privacy walls.

    Las Vegas does have some wonderful examples of enlightened zoning and development. Check out parts of Summerlin (still in Las Vegas but correctly termed a suburb) or Green Valley (parts of “new” Henderson).

    These places have miles of common trails and greenways as well as parks and, in the case of Town Center Summerlin, mixed use development within walking distance to commercial and employment centers.

    I’d be happy to have any of that here.


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