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Community Commentary

Welcome to the Community Commentary page. Here you can submit interesting links, photos, or articles. They can be about anything related to how we live in our unique little-big city. You do not have to be limited by transit or transportation related issues. If your article is even mildly interesting, we will post it. Examples of things to post include:

  • Photos of things you like
  • Photos of things that need to be fixed
  • Photos of things that peeve you
  • Photos of wrongdoers
  • Documents – studies, memos, letters, white papers
  • Links to interesting sites
  • Articles/news

Be creative and smart. This is a place where you – the citizen – has a direct line of communication with policy makers, elected officials, and other citizens. It is our hope that by exchanging ideas and observations that interested citizens can impact the way our city lives and develops.

Have fun!