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Bike Miami Rides this Sunday

Get comfortable with riding in the road - it’s your right!
The Bike Miami Days Team invites you to a free bike ride through MiMo, Little Haiti & the Upper Eastside this Sunday to becoming safer, better, more confident city cyclists. No registration is required and it is completely free.
Officers from the City of Miami [...]

Bike Miami Days II

Whether it was the Dolphins, Christmas shopping to-do-lists, or the complete lack of coverage in the Miami Herald, Bike Miami did not see as many participants as it did last month. Nonetheless, hundreds of people came out and had a good time. An Announcement should be coming forth regarding the 2009 Bike Miami schedule. This [...]

City Gears Up For Bike Miami Days

Let this be your friendly reminder that Bike Miami is returning this Sunday, from 9-3pm in downtown Miami. Now operating as a monthly event, we have Bike Miami Days, as in there will be plenty more car-free streets to enjoy in Miami’s future.
This month’s event seeks to build on the critical success of the inaugural [...]

Bike Miami’s New eDigs

The Bike Miami blog, your source for all things Bike Miami, has now moved over to wordpress. As a result, the site is much cleaner and better organized. Check it out here:

Please visit the page often to get all the details for the next Bike Miami, taking place on Sunday, December 14th. It promises [...]

A Success

By all accounts Bike Miami was a total success! Some estimates claim nearly 2,000 bicyclists, joggers, walkers, dogs, dancers and skaters in attendance. I have a feeling it may have been a little more, but regardless, downtown was full of smiling people enjoying their city in a new way.
The two hot spots were undoubtedly Mary [...]

Spread the Love

The City of Miami has made the official Bike Miami Promo and Route posters available for download.
Just click here.
Spread the love.

Sunday Streets

Streetfilms covers San Francisco’s Sunday Streets - could this be a preview of what’s to come in November at Bike Miami?

Bike Miami and Future Infrastructure

It is amazing to watch how Green Mobility and other cycling groups have made the City of Miami Move  along with bike infrastructure.  The upcoming Bike Miami could put old school transport back on the map .  As we close the chapter of phenomenal growth in the County, I am disappointed as I gaze back [...]

City Unveils Bike Miami Logo

Don’t forget, the event is for walkers, joggers, skaters, strollers, and dogs too!
come one, come all.